Vienna, Austria to Host WordCamp Europe 2016

photo credit: RubenSutiloFoto
photo credit: RubenSutiloFoto

The local WordPress community in Seville welcomed a diverse group of attendees to WordCamp Europe 2015 over the weekend. WordPress enthusiasts and professionals from Europe and beyond made strategic connections, contributed, found jobs and employees, and enjoyed presentations from a selection of world class speakers.

At the conclusion of the WordCamp, organizers announced that the 2016 event will be held in Vienna, Austria, June 24 – 26. Applications for the host city were opened in March and closed at the end of April.

The WordCamp Europe organization team received strong applications from the WordPress communities in Vienna, Bratislava, and Berlin. Some of the most important criteria in the selection process included organizer experience, location, venue, contributor day, and budget.

Berlin was ruled out due to lack of experience among the organizers.

“The reason that we ruled out Berlin is that there hasn’t yet been a WordCamp in Berlin and we felt that the team needed more WordCamp organizing experience,” Siobhan McKeown said in the official announcement. “We’d love to see a WordCamp Berlin in the future – such a wonderful city needs a wonderful WordCamp.”

Although Berlin has actually hosted three WordCamps in the past, including WordCamp Germany 2010, WordCamps Berlin 2012 and 2013, other more weighty factors pushed Bratislava and Vienna ahead as potential host cities.

Bratislava brought a strong and diverse local team to the table, but Vienna ultimately surpassed the other applicants when it came down to logistics.

“In the end, the venue, location, and available dates for the WordCamp won out,” McKeown said. “We loved the Bratislava application, but none of the venues were completely suitable for our event.

“The venue in Vienna, however, was perfect. We also have 100% confidence in the Vienna local team: they organized a successful WordCamp Vienna in 2015, and Paolo Belcastro, the lead applicant for WordCamp Europe 2016, has been involved in WordCamp Europe for the past three years. This means that the local team will have a leader with a ton of WCEU experience.”

With a successful WordCamp Europe 2015 in the bag, the organization team will now set its sights on Vienna and continue its year round planning efforts. Speaker selection usually begins five or six months in advance for this event, so those planning to apply have plenty of time to prepare.


8 responses to “Vienna, Austria to Host WordCamp Europe 2016”

  1. A pity we didn’t get Wordcamp Europe for Bratislava this time, but like the Olympics we’ll try again until we win. Vienna is just up the road. Vienna is a great city, both cuisine and outdoor activities. Don’t miss the Donauinsel if you come over. Bring your rollerblades or rent a bike.

    Oops, I just remembered Foliovision are now banned (after Silver and Gold sponsorships and well received presentations during the last three years 2013, 2014, 2015) from Wordcamp as we won’t make all of our paid code GPL, despite creating 95% publicly available GPL code in the last nine years of WordPress development.

    Thanks Automattic! Sneaky third party paid service plugins like Akismet, Vaultpress and Jetpack for the win. Real service-independent perpetual license plugins with no usage fees to the trash bin. A great win for publishers and independence everywhere!

      • My intentions are entirely positive, Peter. Wordcamp Europe in Vienna is a fantastic idea. Vienna is truly a gorgeous and inherently intellectual city, full of coffee houses, wifi and ideas. Wordcamp Vienna 2016 may be the best Wordcamp ever.

        Foliovision was delighted to help get Wordcamp Slovakia off the ground in its first years. It’s just painful to be excluded over what should be our own affair (whether we make a small part of our commercial code GPL or not). Copycat coders are a real issue if you don’t have Automattic’s scale.

        I’m hoping that by winter we’ll have a resolution to this case so Foliovision can support both Wordcamp Europe and Wordcamp Slovakia 2016.

        • I see many startups in WP what share much more than just code and they are successful and profitable. They share salaries, number of clients, earnings and much more without fear that some copyboy will take advantage of that.
          They don’t cry in comments, they share and do business in the same time and they do it well.

          Why allow non-fully GPL companies to sponsor Worldcamp if still enough fully GPL are here and they are happy about that? Until that you can sponsor kids, dogs or even I can give you my bank account :) Peter Cralen powered by Foliovision looks cool ;)

          • Why stop there Peter? There are people who swap wives as well Peter. What you do behind closed doors is your affair.

            We share a lot of code (check our Github repository) Peter. But not all of it.

            Apparently we must become communists and exchangists to be able to continue to give our time and treasure to Wordcamp. Sorry, I don’t think that’s right.


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