Sofia, Bulgaria To Host WordCamp Europe 2014


The dates and location for WordCamp Europe 2014 are now set. The event will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 27–29. Sofia’s National Palace of Culture will host WordPress fans from around the world. This beautiful venue is one of the largest convention centers in Southeastern Europe, with eight floors and three underground levels.

In 2013, more than 700 attendees converged upon Leiden, the Netherlands for the event, which, by all accounts, was a smashing success. This massive undertaking was made possible by the efforts of a dedicated 50-person volunteer team.

The first WordCamp Europe inspired the European WordPress community and caused them to come together in new ways. Jenny Beaumont, an attendee we interviewed, remarked about how the event was transformative for the French WordPress community:

I really feel that something special happened at WordCamp Europe back in October, something that inspired a momentum that we’re all still riding on today. People are coming together, opening up and crossing divides.

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the European WordPress community, mark your calendar to attend WordCamp Europe 2014. The event website has a form where you can subscribe to be notified of updates by email. Follow WordCamp Europe on Twitter for all the latest news related to the event.


8 responses to “Sofia, Bulgaria To Host WordCamp Europe 2014”

  1. WordCamp Sofia has an extremely good reputation for being one of the best WordCamp’s around, so having WordCamp Europe there makes complete sense.

  2. I thought the “standard” was WordCamp .
    Isn’t there WordCamp UK?

    So…I can run WordCamp North America? WordCamp Canada?

    How does WordCamp Europe handle the 40+ languages?

    If there is a “standard” language, what about people who don’t speak that language at all but want to attend?

    WordCamp would solve that issue.

    What about Croatians who only speak Croatian and no other language? WordCamp Zagreb/Splt/Dubrovnik/Rijeka/etc…would solve that issue.

    WordCamp Europe, just the term…sort of takes that local element away,

    • Miroslav, the local-vs-europe debate was already present in 2013, the assumption being that WordCamp “Europe” was a different kind of WordCamp, with the WP Foundation’s blessing.

      The language for WordCamp Europe is English, as that is the most common denominator.

      There is absolutely no intention to cannibalize local WordCamps; in fact, WordCamp Europe 2013’s success, by anyone’s measure, has probably created many more potential WordCamp organisers, not to mention the incredible growth in activity throughout WordPress communities in Europe.

      In that spirit, the term does not take the “local” away, really, it amplifies it.

      Are you in touch with the Croatian community? Are they up for organising a local WordCamp? Would you help? We can help, too.

  3. I am sure it’s going to be awesome! I hope that more of you guys come over in Sofia :) We will do everything to make it a memorable event, I guarantee you that!


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