1. Dirk

    Hi Sarah, thank you for your recap. If you understand some German, you might be interested in my personal recap! If not, enjoy at least the pictures. I had a great time at Wordcamp Europe, the event rocked!


  2. grapplerulrich

    WordCamp Europe was amazing.

    There were direct flights from Zürich, Paris and Rome.


  3. Jeff Chandler

    A very well written article covering WordCamp Europe. From watching afar, it looks like the event was a huge success. Love the ending to the post as well. It’s not too often you hear a WordCamp Organizer say that. De Vries “gets it”.


  4. Rhys

    Yeah there were direct flights from the UK too


  5. David Decker (deckerweb)

    Sadly, I couldn’t be there in person this year. But Armchair WordCamp-ing was also great (and painful at the same time), I wrote about that in my new blog: http://daviddecker.io/armchair-wordcamp-europe-2014/


  6. Remkus de Vries

    Thanks for this wonderful post Sarah. Was great meeting you!


  7. Petya

    Thank you for the wonderful recap, Sarah.

    It was great meeting you and wonderful hosting the community in Sofia.

    Till next time!


  8. Petya

    Thank you for this, Sarah. We will post some more numbers soon, I’ll let you know.

    Glad I finally got to meet you.



  9. Caspar Hübinger

    Thanks, Sarah, it was great meeting you in person. And thanks Remkus for mentioning the German(ophone) community as an example of the beautiful effects of WordCamp Europe. There is indeed a bunch of things to do for us now, and we’re going to keep everyone posted in both, German and English, about further the development of and contributions from our local community.


  10. mac2net

    Just to throw out a crazy idea – why not WordCamps by languages – German, French, Dutch/Flemish for example…


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