Which One of These Six Cities Should Host WordCamp US?

When Matt Mullenweg put out the call to cities interested in hosting WordCamp US, we learned the criteria they would have to meet in order to qualify. Venues would need to seat approximately 1,000-2,00 people, have hotels within 3 miles of the venue, hotel costs for a range of budgets, and average flight costs from the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, Mexico, and Canada.

Applications to host WordCamp US 2015 officially closed today. Six cities submitted applications to host the event, they include:

  • Chattanooga
  • Chicago
  • Detroit
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix

On the Make WordPress Community site, Cami Kaos says applications are being carefully reviewed and organizers of the host city will be contacted as soon as possible. Dates for the event won’t be given until a host city and venue is chosen.

Out of all the cities selected, I want WordCamp US to be in Chicago. I love Chicago and it’s a quick flight from Cleveland. The city also has awesome pizza. Take the poll below and vote for which city you think should host WordCamp US. This poll is only for fun and will not affect the outcome of the host city.

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86 responses to “Which One of These Six Cities Should Host WordCamp US?”

  1. illy Philly! The US was founded in Philadelphia so it only makes sense to host the first WordCamp US in Philly!

  2. No Texas cities? That’s a shock! My money’s on Chicago or Philly. Maybe Phoenix. Chicago and Philly are both great for transcon flights our euro buddies…

    • Yes! Between having some of the fastest internet speeds in the country, a quickly growing tech industry, beautiful surroundings, and very nice people, Chattanooga could be perfect for this event.

  3. “Dates for the event won’t be given until a host city and venue is chosen.”
    Well the date could be an important factor. Northern cities such as Chicago and Detroit could be well suited for summertime as Phoenix and Orlando would be better for fall to early spring.

    • Good point. Depending on how long it takes to make a decision, Chicago and Detroit would have less than ideal weather conditions.

      • Pretty sure they are pushing for the event to happen this year, which means late in the year.

    • Awww! Thanks Abie and Mark! I personally just really appreciate being so close to the planning of the WordCamps in Phoenix since its inception (yea I have s 2009 tee! ;) ). I personally know that our Phx WordCamp org teams work super hard – dedicating all kinds of crazy volunteer hours and sponsorship dollars to pull out all the stops, raise the bar, and rock the house. I’ve been part of planning or executing the last few years and I’m so glad to hear you both have enjoyed yourselves here in sunny (so hot right now) Phoenix! :D

      Promise the weather will be worth the travel from the snowy states later on this year! Also I have some insider WordPress community intel “aka a little birdie told me” – our amazing Phx WordPress Posse is already gathering up an amazing group or organizers to hold another awesome WordCamp in our lovely little metro even if does end up being a standard Phoenix local shin-dig… Regardless of the outcome of Phoenix’s bid for North America (which would be SO FREAKING AWESOME – DOUBLE the 2014 Capacity for WordPress Learning in Phoenix??!! YES BRING IT! :D)


  4. I think Orlando. Good weather, lots of hotels and stuff. But if there was a train from Cape Cod to Philly, then Philly :)

  5. Considering this will most likely be in the fall or early spring, Orlando would be perfect weather wise. Plenty to do around here with all the attractions, Disney, Universal, I-Drive and plenty of space (we already have a few ready to go). The WordPress Orlando Meetup group is over 1600 members strong with an amazing tech community.

  6. This is totally Philadelphia. Costs are way lower than Chicago, it’s close to New England, New York, DC/Baltimore and other major Southern cities, and it’s halfway between Europe and California. And huge active WordPress community with ~1800+ members of city and suburban meetups!

  7. Chicago is my old hometown! Easy to navigate, great food, beautiful lake! I would love to have a reason to go back and visit!

  8. Of course, Chicago. Illinois is my state! I also have way too many friends in Chicago… so it would be great to go and see them all.

    Oh, and have some Giordano’s pizza…. can’t forget that. ;)

  9. I know Chattanooga may be a bit of an underdog, but I still think it’s the best location. Perfect weather for the time of year the Camp would be. Fastest internet in the US (Gig City). Great and fast growing tech community. Awesome food and lodging within walking distance of the venue. Lowest cost of all the other cities who applied. While we may not have an international airport within the city we are just a short 20 minute flight from Atlanta which does. Of all the other applications we are the most central location for the whole country. We also have the best outdoor activities with Rock City, Ruby Falls, various mountains, rivers, and lakes.

    Chattanooga, Chatt, Nooga, Scenic City, Gig City. No matter what you choose to call her, she’d be an awesome location for the inaugural WordCamp US. :)

  10. Lots of great cities to choose from but should it be a city that has already had a WordCamp this year? Share the wealth … although I don’t really have a preference all the same, I’d be happy to go to any of them.

  11. Denver! Centrally located, great food, beautiful city and recreational cannabis!

  12. I have to use Google Maps for Chattanooga, as an outsider, EU-Spain, this place seams more interesting to go, and it´s almost in the middle of the US :)

  13. Chicago! I need another excuse to eat more Deep Dish Pizza! While I love both, when it’s Pizza vs Cheesesteak – Pizza wins everytime! :-)

  14. Orlando, FL meets all of the requirements to have WordCamp USA and then some. After the WordCamp is over, we have many theme parks AND the world’s most famous beach(s)!

  15. Is there a place where everyone can get a good taste for the pros and cons of each city?

    Obviously the time of year it’ll be held would be a major deciding factor or tie-breaker.

    I’m a native in Orlando so I’m biased, but here are some positive considerations. Orlando’s a good choice if the event is going to be massive – the infrastructure is world-class here (Vegas and Orlando are the top 2 destinations in the country for conferences). Anyone wanting to turn the trip into a vacation will have an insane choice of awesome before and after the event between the parks and beaches. And, most important, I won’t need to hop on a plane. I’m sure that’s important to you.

  16. Chattanooga was recently voted America’s Best town Ever by Outside Magazine…

    We have city wide 1 Gig Internet here in Gigcity

    The weather in the fall is epically perfect.

    Great food, nice inexpensive lodging, and fun can all be had within walking distance of several great downtown conference venues.

    We are a day’s drive from half the population of the country, and an easy flight from most of the rest…

    You should all come visit soon!!

  17. For late in the year (like December), the only 2 cities that wold have nice weather are Phoenix and Orlando.
    Phoenix is a major airline hub, so it is much easier to get to.

    I’ve heard about the weather in Chicago in the fall and winter. No Thanks!

  18. While the rest of the country is salting their roads, Phoenix will be salting their margarita glasses this winter. Need I say more?

  19. I’d imagine depending on the time of year logistics would need to be worked out for having the camp. Also depending on whether any camp has been held in the city as well. Yes I live in Phoenix. Yes I am biased but would also love a reason to come to a city at a descent time as well. KEY. ;)

  20. The WP community in PHX is off the hook. There are five, yes five, well supported, well attended WP Meetup groups that meet monthly in the PHX metro area. How can you beat world class city, mega enthusiastic support, and a near perfect chance of glorious weather October through April?

    The Phoenix area has always been a memorable place to hold a meeting. Hotels and resorts bask in near-perpetual sunshine, natural beauty manifests itself in every direction, and jaw-dropping sunsets paint the desert sky on a nightly basis.

    Now, thanks to a metamorphosis in Phoenix’s urban core — including a newly expanded convention center, a new 1,000-room hotel, and a light-rail system that connects meeting attendees to a new world of dining and entertainment options — convening here packs more value than ever.

  21. As someone who is deeply invested in the Philadelphia WordPress community, I can only hope that we’re selected. The truth is that all of the cities that applied are incredibly important to our global community, and the city that will be selected will be the right choice for a variety of reasons. Philadelphia is excited to be a part of this process and we’re incredibly humbled by the opportunity to participate. We’ll truly be happy for whichever city is selected, regardless of the outcome.

  22. Since it seems like it’s going to need to be late in the year (winter-ish), I’m going to have to say Phoenix or Orlando. Of those two, I’d rather go to Phoenix. So that’s where I’m throwing my hat (not literally…I’m keeping my hat thank-you-very-much)

    • Phoenix with all of the snowbirds from across the country is the top notch site to hose WordPress North America.

  23. Phoenix during the month of December is the top site in the U.S. Huge potential returns.

  24. Philly’s the absolute best by whatever standard you choose to apply: WP community, globally central location, food, fun, history, transportation, vibrancy or whatever. The combination is amazing!

    I moved here 40 years ago to escape the traffic in Boston (It’s even worse now) and be near NYC, DC and discovered that the “City of Brotherly Love” is for real; no place tops the people. Vote for it then come and experience it yourself!

  25. Chattanooga!… have you tried Champy’s fried chicken? Where else can you get gigabit internet connection to your home for under $100? More tech startups per capita than anywhere. And it’s a hellava lot less expensive… have you priced a hotel in Chicago? (I have an office in Chicago)

  26. Okay, how about Phx with a trip down to Tucson for Frankie’s South Philly Cheesesteak? (Frankie retired to Tucson and brought the best of Philly with him. )

    • Phoenix & the surrounding areas gets my vote! Huge snow bird crowd heads to Arizona every year! They will love the events going on around the state indeed!

  27. All the choices are great, but Chattanooga gets my vote!

    I’m definitely biased since I live here but there’s a lot to like and something for everybody in Chattanooga.

    Plus, the only sharks we have are in our amazing Aquarium downtown! :)


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