1. lukepettway

    Personally I am happy that WordCamp is on the east coast. I get tired seeing all the conferences I want to go to happening on the west coast, at least from what I can tell most of the bigger one’s happen there. With that being said, alternative between each coast every year could benefit everyone, as we could simply travel to whichever one is closest to us at the time.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Well, Microsoft, and Silicon Valley is on the West Coast but there’s also a lot of conferences in Vegas. I agree with you though, it’s nice to have WordCamp US be on the east coast. Much easier flight for me too! I imagine at some point, WordCamp US will he held in a city in a central part of the country. I wouldn’t mind that either.


  2. krmediadesigns

    After partaking in two Wordcamps in Philadelphia, I can see why they would be chosen to host. Wonderful speakers, well run and a lot of WP “top dogs” and contributors present. Although NOT a fan of Philly ;) big fan of Wordcamp Philly!


  3. Connor Rickett

    Sounds like fun! Just leave your robots at home, right?


  4. jb510

    I think Philly is a fabulous choice and we are trying to rework our December travel plans to make it to WCUS 2015. Still unlikely, but I’m optimistic.

    I’m still surprised more people don’t seem to share my incredulity that it’s going to be in the same city two years in a row.

    It’s crying of split milk at this point, as I don’t think anyone is going to change that and take 2016 away from Philly. At least as I understood the primary issue with WCSF was it being in the same west coast city ever year, what did we solve by moving it to Philly?

    WCEU manages to host in a new _country_ each year we certainly ought to be able to move WCUS between US cities every year. Heck we should have gone all in and included Canada and Mexico in the mix, for a proper WCNA. What makes it ok to exclude Canada and Mexico?

    To me the point of these big annual camps is to bring together the broadest regional community possible with the maximum diversity of ideas available.

    Milk still not going back in the bottle… /rant


    • Jimmy Smutek

      WCUS is going to move every 2 years.

      Having it the same place two years in a row allows us to keep logistics a set variable and really focus on the rest of the event in the second year. I also want to use it to facilitate experience transfer: We’ll choose the 2017 + 2018 host city in between the first and second event, so that team can volunteer on the ground the second year Philadelphia hosts it to learn from their experience.

      See ma.tt#post-45259

      At least as I understood the primary issue with WCSF was it being in the same west coast city ever year

      WCSF had to stay in SF – it would be kind of weird to have WordCamp San Francisco in Denver, or Tampa, right? :-p


  5. Matt

    Never been to Philadelphia but hopefully WP community is more hospitable than this, especially to humans (tongue in cheek)…



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