1. Neo


    Those plugins do not work on existing categories in a wordpress multi site install. Just tested several themes and they all fail to save the settings for the icon, color and image


    • Jeff Chandler

      Thanks for the report, I’ll forward it to JJJ.


    • John James Jacoby

      Hi Neo,

      I’ll need a bit more information to help. All of these plugins are currently in use in a few multisite environments, and I’ve not seen what you’re seeing yet.

      Rather than try and do support here in the Tavern comments, would you be able to jump over to WordPress.org and open a ticket in the support forum for one of the plugins you’re having an issue with?

      If there’s a problem, I’ll get it fixed right away and get new versions out ASAP.

      Thanks for taking the time to reach out.


      • Neo


        I am using a wpms with wp 4.4.1 setup in 2011. so it still uses the blog dir structure.

        I uploaded the plugins and deactivated all plugins even the ones that are network activated.

        Then activated only these 3 plugins in a couple of subdomains one was running the default 20-13 theme.

        The fields are there and i can set the color and icon and image, but the moment i save them they disappear and are not attached to the category.

        Best regards,


      • Neo

        I did add a support request in wordpress.org in one of the plugins. If you send me email i can send you a screen video i made.


  2. Paul

    Great plugins! Thanks!


  3. Danny Brown

    It’s a shame you need to add an extra four plugins to offer some visual appeal. It’d be nice to see it as a standard on the back-end (though not sure if I’d use personally, but can see the appeal).


  4. Tai

    @Danny Brown I agree ;) The plugin author should roll these tidbitty helpers into a single plugin “suite” toolset. I’ve rolled tax colors, tax icons and tax images in my themes for years, using:

    get_option( “taxonomy_$tax_id” )

    Looking forward to using Term Meta now!


    • Danny Brown

      Cheers, Tai, I might even mess about with your solution on test server, to see if it’s something that might help on my multi-author blog. :)


      • Tai

        @Danny Brown Yeah, the new Term Meta is awesome for developers! You just gotta get creative. There are many ways to implement Term Meta. Here’s a site with a color-coding system, icons for tax terms and custom header images for taxonomy_$tax_term.php templates, etc:


        Click on “Issues” in the main navbar to see colors. Click on “Resources” in the navbar to see icons in the taxonomy widget. Term Meta is fun stuff!


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