1. Matt

    Once FA in loaded in WP by plugin / theme, Gutenberg itself can already make use of it in it’s blocks. There’s no need of Gutenberg-compatible plugin to make this enable Gutenberg to use FA.

    Are you perhaps referring to the lack of a discrete Icon Picker block?


    • Sarah Gooding

      Yes, I referring to an icon-picker block. I think users will be looking for that inside Gutenberg as many of the plugins use TinyMCE dropdown shortcode generators.


    • David

      Why an Icon Picker Block?
      What if I want an Icon just also within my text paragraph?

      This needs to be better thought out if someone makes in integration.

      I DON’T want 587 plugins of blocks for every “little” thing under the sun. Another thing where “Gutenberg” fails a lot.

      And if I want to add something custom on my own to add to the (current) Editor?
      Currently that is easy with a few lines of (mostly PHP) code. However, with “Gutenberg” I have to study Javascript and implement a build process for all this crap. Or alternatively install dozens of plugins where I don’t know how good the (JS) code is.


  2. Atul Kumar Pandey

    Font awesome should also maintain a lighter version of their work, at least few developer who works on web optimization use that. Mostly used icons are arrows, and icons of home, clock, mail, user, category and tags.


    • Marcus Hiles

      There kind of is. You have at least 3 options:

      1.) https://fortawesome.com/ – product by the creator of font awesome, lets you select which icons you want to use and it outputs the only the css and fonts you selected to use. Significantly decreases file sizes.

      2.) If using a javascript framework and build process (like webpack), you can import only the icons you plan to use, which will decrease the size of the compiled project in the end.

      3.) You could also just pull SVG’s you need from the package and use them inline, without including the entire css/font libraries.


  3. Jason Nickerson

    Hi just to let you know icofont is awesome too! They just relaunched!


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