1. Peter Cralen

    I checked some of these plugins some weeks ago and like them. Small, focused and usefull without any junk.
    I just don’t understant the whole story around these plugins (stutter, fox, github .org ), it looks like the opposite to these simply plugins :)
    Wish the best with all these ;)


  2. Frankie Jarrett

    Way to go, JJJ! I love the focus and simplicity of these plugins. Should be an inspiration for all plugin devs.


  3. Jason Lemieux

    WP Chosen is not only the cream of the crop here… it’s nearly the cream of the repo as far as I’m concerned. I’ve already gotten a ton of mileage out of it in the last few months.

    tldr; Modifies all wp-admin dropdowns (posts.php etc) and turns them into searchable fields. Awesome if you are digging for that long lost post or user.


  4. Vikash Sharma

    Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing the info about these awesome plugin. I have tried WP Term Images and this is an awesome plugin to assign images to any category. I liked it very much

    Thanks for sharing :)


  5. Brajesh Singh

    Just wanted to Thank JJJ here.
    I used a few of stuttter plugins in one of my projects couple of weeks ago, they make developers life easy.
    Thank you JJJ and thank you Sarah for bringing it to public :)


  6. Sami Keijonen

    What can I say, these are great plugins. Thanks!

    I was wondering why the WP Term Images needs WP Term Meta when term meta arrived in Core?


    • Stefano

      Me too,
      I think that all the Term-* plugins were developed before the latest WP release.
      Could be awesome if they will be soon updated so that they doesn’t create any new table at all



  7. Sebastien Dumont

    Simplicity is always the best and most rewarding. Thank you for sharing them and well done Mr. Jacoby for your hard work.


  8. DWL

    There are several of these plugins that do not indicate if they are multi-site compatible. Can we get a list – maybe of the ones that aren’t? Or better yet, just update all the readme files on GitHub to indicate?


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