1. Scott Winterroth

    When I saw this campaign, I had to immediately donate money. The idea of having someone like JJJ completely focused on BuddyPress is a must and I look forward to the outcome.


  2. Brin Wilson

    The curve of the campaign (in terms of how quickly the majority of the money was raised), which JJJ shows on his own blog on jaco.by is fascinating! It appears something like over 80% of the money was raised within just a couple of days – it seems news travels lightning fast in our community! ;)


  3. Kim Schulz

    not really “pioneering a new way of working with opensource”. Poul Hening Kamp did this with freeBSD development years back and again with Valgrind development some year later.


  4. David Esrati

    CiviCRM does it as well- with their “Make it happen” campaigns. Which are voted on and ranked democratically.


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