1. Ed

    Thanks for the Heads Up reminder :)


  2. AndyN

    Hi, thanks for this article!
    However, just noticed this in my local install:

    1.Fresh WP 4.6.1 – my structure http://localhost/<subfolder/
    2.Install and activate bbPress 2.5.11
    3.Everything good
    4.Update WP 4.6.1 to 4.7-RC1-39355 (via beta-tester plugin)
    5.Menu items: "Forums", "Topics" and "Replies" are gone

    I know, a case for official WP Alpha/Beta support forum :-)
    But before posting anything there, perhaps somebody could confirm that same thing happens with same steps?


  3. Ed

    Unfortunately, it looks like they missed some stuff. None of the bbPress menus display when you upgrade to WP 4.7. Troubleshooting that problem right now. ;)

    It is a “capabilities” problem. That I know for sure. I do not have sufficient Admin capabilities to view the bbPress menus. So they are not being displayed to me even as an Administrator.


    • John James Jacoby

      Hey Ed! Jeff brought this comment to my attention.

      You’ll need to give yourself the Keymaster role to see them, or the Moderator role to see them at a limited capacity. (Most installations should have the main administrator account have the keymaster role already.)

      If for some reason you do have the Keymaster role but you still can’t see the menus, let me know here and I’ll try to help you privately.

      Sorry for the scare, and hopefully it’s an easy fix.


  4. kris

    I have been running on test site wordpress 4.7 and bbpress and as a keymaster – and forums still do not appear :(


  5. Mark

    Hello, I’m in the same situation as @Ed and @Kris; I have the Administrator WP role and the Keymaster Forum role, yet am unable to see the Forums in the Dashboard after upgrading to WP 4.7 and bbPress 2.5.11 on our staging server.


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