1. Dave

    I love this post because it encourages consistency, and I hope plugin (and theme) developers everywhere take note.

    *Quick correction: The Admin Color Schemes plugin provides an additional eight color schemes, not 16. You’ll have a TOTAL of 16 options if you install it, though.


    • Jeffro

      Thanks Dave. Corrected the typo with 8 instead of 16. I looked at a picture of the plugin installed and saw 16 and well, that’s where the confusion came in.

      I think consistency is important and although this is a small fix, I have my doubts on existing plugins making the switch to a better top level menu icon.


      • Piet

        I use custom icon images for Custom Post Types on sites of clients and since 3.8 I have changed all those into dashicons.

        I think plugin developers who have made the effort to give their plugin a separate top level menu in the sidebar, should now also step up and change their image into something that can be used on all admin color schemes.

        What I find a little disappointing though is the way that is supposed to be done. I mean I have read the linked “instructions” post of March last year and it’s good that none of my plugins have their own top level menu, because I would not make the effort to change anything anytime soon!

        Why can’t it be done by adding a dashicon, or any other icon-font for that matter? Really if you want the masses to adapt quickly, then you need to keep it simple imo.


    • Dave

      I have plenty of doubts, too. Many of them will not change. But the ones smart enough to read the Tavern will… and that’s a good start :-)


  2. Greg Winiarski

    Thanks for linking the how-to, i was actually thinking about updating this in my software.


  3. Shea Bunge

    I found that using SVG images for menu icons, especially base64 embedded, did not work. Using a custom icon font is the best way to go.


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