WordPress MP6 Plugin Adds New Widgets Page and Midnight Color Scheme

Although MP6 may sound like the code name of a covert spy mission, it’s actually one of the most exciting WordPress plugins in the repository right now. MP6 is part of the “features as plugins” initiative and houses the intended design updates to the WordPress admin. The plan is to include the changes in the core with the upcoming WordPress 3.8 release.

Many WordPress sites are already using MP6 to transform their dashboards and there are several dozen reasons to upgrade to the latest version. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • A bunch of new dashicons
  • A re-designed widgets page by Shaun Andrews from his Widgets project
  • Improvements to customizer, color schemes, menus section and much more
  • New Midnight color scheme

You may have seen a poll floating around about extra color schemes for MP6. The Midnight color scheme must have proven the most popular, as it has now been included in the latest MP6 update. This bold skin for the dashboard sports red highlights:

MP6 Midnight Color Scheme
MP6 Midnight Color Scheme

The new widgets page design is much cleaner, allows you to see more widgets at once and is easier to navigate if you’re using a theme with many different widgetized areas.

New widgets page design
New widgets page design

In order to achieve this cleaner look, the widgets page had to sacrifice the widget descriptions, which seems to be a main point of concern for those who have already upgraded MP6. Plugin authors can be rather generic in how they name their widgets, so descriptions are helpful for knowing which widget you’re looking at. The scrollbar within the widgets section is also a point of contention. Overall, the MP6 2.1 updates have been very well received and there’s still plenty of time to work through any challenges.

Your feedback is important! If you want to be a part of testing or you’re just curious about where the WordPress admin is going, install MP6 and put it through the paces of your daily routine. If you’re already using MP6, you can take advantage of all the new features and bug fixes by upgrading the plugin through your dashboard.


7 responses to “WordPress MP6 Plugin Adds New Widgets Page and Midnight Color Scheme”

  1. We’ve recently (yesterday!) updated the widgets screen with a new layout which addresses the scroll bar issue: https://i.cloudup.com/0GrPuULGkp.png

    You’ll also notice that the widget descriptions have been brought back as a tooltip-like box that shows when clicking or hovering over that widgets ? icon.

    Feedback is always welcome, and we’ll keep making updates to get it right. Thanks for the write up!

  2. I love MP6! I’ve been using it for quite a while now, and I really hope that it’ll become WordPress’s default dashboard design. It’s clean and flat. Also if thanks for mentioning the new color shames! I never thought it has others then the default.

    Andor Nagy

  3. MP6 is what I consider a “core” WordPress plugin. Some suggestions for the developers: incorporate a “light” skin and the Widgets Area Chooser plugin. The constant dark theme can become overwhelming and the WAC way of widget selection further streamlines the administration of large WordPress sites.


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