1. chris mccoy

    is this available yet? i was using the old one, but it wasnt working with 3.6+


  2. Jeffro

    @chris mccoy – I’m pretty sure it’s not. What I reviewed was a beta copy.


  3. Emil Uzelac

    Looks incredible!


  4. Justin Tadlock

    @chris mccoy – Yes, it has now been released on the DevPress.com site.


  5. Jeffro

    @Justin Tadlock – I stand corrected!


  6. Mercime

    KudosTung Do! It’s a beautiful, calm and soothing admin theme. +100. Not too keen on the thick numbers in dashboard screen and the secondary buttons gradient. Nevertheless, the admin theme is a pleasure to behold. Cheers :)


  7. Tung

    Thanks for the review. I agree. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    It’s hard to create a new “intuitive” experience when everyone is so used to the current one. It’s even hard for me to make the switch, but giving it just one day is a bit harsh. I’d give it a week.

    As for adding too many clicks to the workflow, don’t forget that it REMOVES too many scrolls from the workflow too. I was tired of scrolling around so I built the shortcuts menu.

    WordPress is not just blogging and it’s hard to see the benefit of DP Dashboard with a default install. One benefit is jumping to custom meta boxes instead of scrolling around to find them. (By the way, you can still re-order the meta boxes.)

    Thank you for the feedback. I’ll make adjustments (especially for everything feeling too big).


  8. Tung

    Since releasing this DP Dashboard update, a few people suggested I should contribute to MP6 or modify MP6 like Jeff suggested. I choose not to go that route for multiple reasons.

    First, I think DP Dashboard has its place. It just takes time and adjusting to good feedback. Second, I work best on my own. And third, the WP admin UI can use more people exploring unique ideas.


  9. chris mccoy

    i liked the old design with dp dashboard, are you going to release any skins other than the aqua one?


  10. Tung

    @chris mccoy – Sorry, no. You can read why that is here. Basically, I want to work with one skin so I can style it for third party plugins too. Supporting multiple skins while styling third party plugins is difficult to manage.


  11. Jeffro

    @Tung – You’re welcome for the review. I appreciate seeing a fresh approach, it’s just not the one that gels with my work flow. I felt as though it introduced more mouse clicking, instead of taking it away, especially when creating content. I wasn’t a fan of the emerald color scheme either. I would like to see DP Dashboard take the MP6 route in allowing users to choose between a few different color schemes.

    It would have been cool to see you experiment with some of the ideas presented in this post https://www.wptavern.com/revamping-the-content-creation-experience-in-wordpress. You could integrate some of the publishing widgets into the post editor itself, possibly negating the need for a shortcut system.

    At any rate, best of luck with this alternative dashboard design.


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