1. Japh

    Fast work, Sarah! Nice update :)


  2. Alex Patin

    Sarah you’re posts have been really great addition to the writing on WPTavern. It’s awesome having all of this info summed up and reported on – glad you’re a part of the team.


  3. Sarah Gooding

    @Alex Patin – Thanks Alex!


  4. Ruairi Phelan

    Fingers crossed for Twenty Fourteen!


  5. Joan

    Great post, Sara! So exited about about 3.8… love the Widgets Area Chooser!


  6. Grant Palin

    This is good news. MP6, DASH, and THX are all much needed in my view. The rest would be nice to get in as well, though if it were up to me I might be inclined to let Twenty Fourteen wait for WP 3.9, so the rest of the functional changes can get in. In any case, it looks like 3.8 will be a substantial update!


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  8. David Gwyer

    Thanks Sarah. Nice summary of new features coming in 3.8! Saved me having to trawl through the IRC logs. ;-)


  9. DaveZ

    Hope DASH and MP6 perform well in Mobile Safari because the iOS app still sucks. Crossing my fingers!


  10. Robert

    The new widget page looks useful. Looking forward to Twenty Fourteen :)


  11. World Traveller

    It’s great to see development moving on at such a rapid speed – it’s looking like the idea of developing plugins first then migrating to core is a really good one. At this rate we can look forward to even more smooth & frequent releases next year.


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  13. Bob Dunn

    Hey Sarah, thanks so much for the list, now I don’t need to visit the IRC logs either. I’m glad to see what’s heading into 3.8 as I have a huge project launching shortly after that and knowing this is a huge part of making my deadline…. cheers!


  14. Ossie

    Some pretty exciting changes which is good to see. Let’s hope they all make it for the release.


  15. Nevis1

    Sadly, STILL no mention of a solid backup feature built into WP. Becoming laughable really…or is it that services charging outrageous rates for plugins and or services have too much influence, and don’t want to see backup and restore as a core feature.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmm. :)


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  17. Matt

    Nevis1 — WP has built-in export, and numerous plugins that support backing things up both free and paid. It’s really more of a hosting responsibility than an application responsibility.


  18. Japh

    @Nevis1 – I agree with @Matt on this one. WordPress’ export / import functionality is more than adequate for the application itself to take care of, the rest is the responsibility of hosting.

    This is particularly true when you consider the potential variations between hosting environments and backup plans. The application should not need to deal with that.


  19. Josh Levinson

    I also agree with @Matt.
    I would think that Backups as part of core strays much too far into plugin territory.
    To my understanding, core development is centered around creating better ways to create content.

    The WordPress team already does a ton of work to make sure that core is as server-independent/compatible as possible. Backups in core would require a whole separate team to develop considering the wide range of scenarios that backup plugins have to cover.

    tl;dr: Core is all about being a lean, mean, content-creating machine. Plugins (like backup plugins) extend upon that.


  20. Sinan İŞLER

    Mr. Matt,

    Not agree.

    I’m talking myself as a developer. I need that import feature. Almost my half wordpress websites I’m installing import plugin.

    Thank you.


  21. Mika E. (Ipstenu)

    @Matt – I’d argue ‘backups are really more of a site owner’s responsibility’ than a ‘hosting’ responsibility.

    Sure, hosts make backups. But for the most part, a host is worried about getting your server back up. Getting a 100% data recovery from everything? Surprisingly lower on the list. After all, a host is backing up the OS, the files, the DBs, for WAY more than WP. And while they check their backups for integrity, I doubt any host is doing a 100% check of every file. What if your one file is the dead one?

    Make your own backups. Keep them on a separate server. Use the cloud, or VaultPress, or whatever, but please, don’t JUST rely on your host :) You’ll be happier in the long run the ONE DAY you accidentally drop a table and don’t notice for a week…. Seriously I don’t know what I was drinking.


  22. Andy Christian

    @Sinan İŞLER – There are already plenty of robust plugins that do backups in different ways. Backup Buddy, VaultPress, WP DB Backup, etc. Since each user’s backup needs are different, it doesn’t make sense to have a robust, automated backup built-in to WP.


  23. Kraft

    @Sinan İŞLER – The plugins at Tools->Import are purposely “core” plugins. By having them as modular additions, it is easier to update then if services change their export format or new players come on the scene.

    Backups are more of a hosting and/or site ownet job, as if you need to return to a backup due to malware, etc, you’ll likely want to wipe clean and cleanly apply the backup. Not typically something you’d want to do within WP.


  24. Phil Erb

    @Mika E. (Ipstenu) – Absolutely, 110% agree with you on this one. The host’s primary concern is making the server functional again, so that your files can run on it. Consider yourself lucky if they happen to restore your site too, especially in a the timeframe in which you want it restored.

    A big problem, in my opinion, with WordPress including native backup functionality (besides the inherent complexities with making it work on a myriad of server environments) is that it wouldn’t be able to put the backups anywhere but on the server, alongside the running files. If the server tanks, there go the backups. At best, it’s a security blanket to make site owners feel better at night, when really they should be almost as scared as they were without backups. The one plus is that, should they do something to mess up their site, they can restore from that backup. But that’s still minimal comfort to me.

    To the concern about “services charging outrageous rates for plugins and or services” – if your backups are so important to you that you’re writing this comment, you SHOULD be paying for backups. Data protection is a booming business, for a reason. People want to back up their important data. If your site makes you money or is important to you in any way, invest in it. Granted, there are many free options out there as well, including the roll-your-own database dump and zip, combined with a remote FTP server (get it off-site, people!).

    The most expensive backup is the one you don’t make. Sorry, had to say it.


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  26. Jeffro

    I’m most excited to see MP6, Widget Chooser Plugin, and hopefully, Twenty Fourteen in 3.8. I’m stoked about Twenty Fourteen and curious to see the wide array of editions of the theme people make with it. As for Widgets, love the fact that I don’t have to solely rely on drag and drop to add or subtract widgets. That’s a huge plus. MP6 has made the admin easier to browse and read.

    All of this combined will have 3.8 being a great release.


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  28. Rajesh

    Nice post Sara! I’m so much excited to use WordPress 3.8 with new font and different color schemes.


  29. Tony Jones (@HelmStone)


    Thanks for the informative post – I hope everything survives. Really looking forward to seeing Dash in 3.8 along with MP6 about which I don’t know nearly enough!



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