1. Santanu

    This is an amazing update. After the launch of Gutenberg, it took me some time to get used to this block editor. But now I just fall in love with 2 amazing Block Plugins, Atomic Blocks & Ultimate Blocks. Thanks for sharing this amazing content.


  2. Sascha

    The block plugins need to go away. Or at least increase quality control. My experience with them so far has been that just installing the plugins, without even using any of the blocks, have dire consequences for the site’s performance. Google’s Page Speed Insight immediately drops. It’s particularly bad with some of the bigger names such as Atomic Blocks or CoBlocks.

    While I have no clue about the underlying tech, I have always wondered why new blocks for the block editor have to be delivered by means of a plugin. There should be a way to “natively” add new blocks without the overhead of badly written plugins.


  3. Shijith

    Thank you Justin. You got everything perfect. I am one of the developers working on this project.

    Our intention behind developing all the blocks was to be able to upload those blocks into the upcoming WordPress block directory. That’s the reason we created a separate drop cap block. We will be adding the transformation feature to help our users transform their default paragraph block to our enhanced drop cap block in one click.

    Cheers 🥂


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