1. Scott Hartley

    Kinda sounds like Kaioken as well from Dragon Ball Z.


  2. Li-An

    I am not a fan of Gutenberg as usual blogger tool (it just slows the process of writing) but I consider it a as great future alternative to page builders. Kioken is a good example for this.


  3. Rahul vats

    I really don’t like page builder tools in wordpress, i believe in customization of themes, but might be Kioken Blocks can help in near future


  4. Sonal Sinha

    Kioken really looks killer as of now with those 3d and hover effects.


  5. Imagina

    What i really like about Gutenberg is that it could be de defacto front-end editor for every cms. Not only WordPress. We are starting to integrate it in our in house CMS for Apps and other websites to create content.


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