1. James Tayler

    I really feel the pain of those open source organizations with outside contributors who’s bills will increase 10 fold. However, as an individual developer this is fantastic news for me. Though reading the other side of the coin it kinda feels like a win-lose situation. Still, I feel it’s the right model.


  2. Miroslav Glavic

    I have never used Github/lab/whatever else Git. I downloaded programs from there that the authors put them there.

    Isn’t there an alternative to Githug/lab? Just like if I don’t like xyz plugin, I can get abc plugin. Even if I don’t like WordPress, I can move to Drupal, Joomla, etc…

    I am curious, since I don’t Git, why the big deal with them?


    • Ben

      You can run Git on your own servers. This requires setting up your own server and installing Git and whatever else you need/want and requiring you to manage the full technology stack. Github, GitLab and Bitbucket do all that for you and host it on their own servers and provide other additional features that many developers find useful.

      As for the big deal with Git – its a very efficient, distributed version control system with excellent support which is why its very popular with developers. See https://git-scm.com/ for more info on Git.

      Anyway back to your original question – you can install and run Git on your own. Or you can use one of those mentioned Git services.


    • Johnathan

      Mercurial (hg) and SVN come to mind.


      • Hilton Shumway

        Mercurial is a somewhat viable option, though SVN hasn’t been worthy of new projects in years and is only used because of difficulties in transitioning existing projects away from it.


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