1. Neil Murray

    Surely the pressure to move WordPress core development from Trac & SVN to Git & perhaps GitLab is becoming intense as Gutenberg heads towards a core merge.

    I just can’t imagine that development of Gutenberg could viably continue on Trac & SVN after it is merged.


  2. Henry

    Good to know that Matt with audrey.co is a stake holder and board member at Gitlab already, that will smooth the transition of WP to Gitlab considerably, similar how it was done with Drupal.

    It’s time to leave the Microsoft ship at Github.


  3. Jon Brown

    The time to move WP to git was 3-4 years ago… That WP doesn’t invest more heavily in these types of fundamentals I feel is a result of its overall lack of steering and leadership of the project. Release leads themeselves are awesome, but they’re also limited to making very incremental changes.

    I don’t love the the Drupal/Aquia model but envy that they get big things done.

    PS, GitLab is awesome, we moved everything there 3 years ago and couldn’t be happier.


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