1. mark k.

    Nice to see grown ups in action. Part of life is that when one company is in a difficult position another will take public advantage of it. Only in wordpress community it is bad to say that you have a better product when joost drops 5 poo versions of his SEO plugin.

    Competition is how things actually get improved in the end. When one CEO can call another to reduce the competition the users are the main losers.


  2. Tai

    I can’t stop staring at the cool Firefox logo! Other than that, it’s all a wash. DevDrama™ has reached an all-time peak ;) The Github whiners realize it’s just a VCS right? SMH


    • Robin

      “DevDrama™ has reached an all-time peak”

      LoL… yes, the customer is always wrong, ignore the customer, call them “whiners” and “drama queens”, that’s definitely the way to run a successful business!


      • Tai

        Yes, whiners. If i want my favourite restaurant to add something new to the menu or modify how they conduct THEIR business, I don’t throw down a soapbox, power-on my bullhorn and whine to the the rest of the Patrons enjoying their meals. “LoL”


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