1. Mario Peshev

    We do maintain a few dozen private repositories on GitHub and have discussed “GitHub Issues” with other paying customers as well.

    Some teams do use GitHub issues as it’s easy to connect to PRs, link to specific lines of a certain commit and generally relate to the context of ongoing development. This also reduces the management time from copying over tasks to another PM system and switching between views all the time, or lacking certain features that GitHub provides.

    We have considered using GitHub issues actively for the development department and I can totally agree that more powerful GitHub issues with better categorization, custom fields, a bit more flexible views/reports and “Due Date” would help immensely for technical teams using private repos as well.


  2. mikeschinkel

    Signed it for wplib.


  3. alex

    In this sort of a situation, GitHub risks giving rise to it’s own replacement by failing to address the issues at hand.


  4. Borek Bernard

    How many WordPress OSS project maintainers have signed? With GitHub being (hopefully) the future of collaboration around WordPress projects, it would be really good to see some of those issues addressed.


  5. Tai



  6. Ron

    So why not stop beating your heads against a wall and use GitLab, Redmine or Apache Allura?

    GitHub is not the only player in the game.


  7. nero

    Who wants to start the github replacement eh? screw the paywall


  8. rahul286

    I already signed this for EasyEngine and some other projects. :-)

    I firmly believe Github’s issue tracker can be improved a lot and when done right can do wonders.

    By the a representative from Github has replied already on HackerNews – https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10905338


  9. Caspar Hübinger

    As much as I personally understand the need for effective project management workflows in open source projects, a) I don’t think GitHub necessarily has to be extended for that purpose, and b) I’m convinced there’s no point trying to tell a private enterprise what they should do or not. I remember being mad at Automattic for them “wasting” 100k on a “useless” domain. Did it change anything besides my own hormones? Of course not. That’s not how business works. Need or want don’t define business planning, profit does. Tell GitHub how a better +1 UI will enhance their profits instead of letting them know why you need it, and those features likely go into active development by tomorrow. :P


    • Kevin Hoffman

      Surely you can see how fulfilling a few logical requests from your product’s power users who are responsible for driving massive traffic to your website translates into future sales. Satisfied power users will continue to maintain their projects in your system, therefore increasing their users’ awareness of your product and a portion of those users will become your paying customers.


  10. Baerkins

    Seems to me that issue management would be the biggest…issue holding back WordPress from moving to Github.


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