1. Alec

    Great work from GitHub. Like many developers, we keep all our code on GitHub (both open source and private/commercial). GitHub is a real boon to collaboration with other developers.

    When will WordPress.org add a bridge from GitHub to WordPress.org plugin directory to save free plugin developers don’t have to maintain two versions?

    1. a SVN version whose only use is to upload to the WordPress repository.
    2. a GitHub version where all the action is. Coding, forking, merging, collaboration.

    It would save developers so much time at so little cost to the plugins directory.


  2. Tada Burke

    I like the spelling-it-out approach regarding OSS licenses because some Devs with hit-n-run integrations tend to TLDR the fine print. Speaking of spelling, there’s a small article typo: “incorporate them into their own projects using GithUb…” (unless the lisp was intended) <3


  3. chuck

    Sorry for posting this here but the contact form at this site yields “502 Bad Gateway” when I try to submit a message.

    Lately the only way I can get to wptavern is by finding a cached link in my browser and loading that. If I go to wptavern -dot- com or www -dot- wptavern -dot- com I end up with a “this site is redirecting too many times” error and the browser gives up.


    • Tomas M.

      I experience the same thing. It looks to me that it is related to the fact that Tavern wants to use https. I also get browser error “Too many redirections”. Usually, I remove the “s” from the https and the do hard refresh with CTRL+F5 and then the site would load.


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