1. Chris Wallace

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Sarah, we are extremely excited about the future of this plugin and what it means for all the creative people of the world. :)


  2. Mike McAlister

    Cool to see you guys using the polyfill. We created that so we could get Designer launched. At the time we were told it might be months until the Jetpack Portfolio would be available, meanwhile we were already using the Portfolio on WordPress.com. So we forked the WordPress.com version and built in a few tidbits. Mere days after we launched Designer they shipped the Jetpack Portfolio. Sigh. ;)

    So we’ve just been using Jetpack since they launched it. Sorry for the outdated reference to the polyfill in that Designer doc.


  3. Blue Bridge

    Nice review Sarah. There are many beautiful portfolio themes out there and this seems like a smart approach to address the problem of tight theme / portfolio coupling.

    My company also just launched a portfolio plugin for WordPress that takes aim at that same hiccup. It’s a freemium approach with some neat features and is also completely independent of any specific theme. Check it out here if you’re curious: giveitpizzazz.com

    @Chris Congratulations on the launch and review. Dribbble importer is a cool idea. :)


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