1. Dave Chu

    That’s a very nice theme! I could easily see a photographer liking that, for instance.

    The slide-out menu is quite hipster, and I don’t know if every client would like it. That said, I can always brew up other types of menus myself, so I don’t think it’s a limitation.

    I looked at the specs for your freebies and premium ones, and it sounds good, the main difference being the extra plugins and support that come with the premium ones.

    Bravo, and thanks,


  2. My Boring Channel (@myboringchannel)

    Beautiful theme but doesn’t work at all on my iPhone 6 Plus. Header is completely broken. Can’t navigate. Nothing in the menu. Too bad because as soon as I saw the theme, I thought, “Perfect for my next project!” But alas . . .


  3. My Boring Channel (@myboringchannel)

    Sorry, I spoke too soon. The frame they use on their site (modernthemes.net) was breaking the theme on the iPhone. Once you exit out of that, the theme works fine.


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