1. Andy M.

    Jetpack: Automattic’s “y’all takin’ too damn long to build this stuff” plugin. (I, for one, welcome the new Custom Content Type feature. Thank you, a8c crew!)


  2. slaFFik

    I will miss that default smiley image…


  3. Chris Cree

    It bugs me that they enable significant new features by default. At least with the portfolio dealio it is only “half” enabled. You still have to go to Settings –> Writing to enable the portfolios for real so I was able to deactivate the Custom Content Type module before it messed anything up on my site.

    It’s very kind of Automattic to make so many WP.com features available to the entire WP community. But I still don’t understand why they chose to roll everything under the sun into one Borg of a plugin instead of releasing individual plugins for each feature.


  4. Tomas M.

    Will be waiting for a slim “Jetpack Custom Content Type without Jetpack” version on WP.org :P


  5. Tomas M.

    Interesting if Custom Content Type plugin will conform to new initiative to standardize content types?


  6. Simon Kelly (sk)

    Great improvements and new features, especially custom posts types


  7. nishantratnakar

    So late with custom post types and portfolio. All the while I had been adding projects as normal blog posts but under a category named ‘portfolio’. Would there be anyway to migrate the existing blog posts published under ‘portfolio’ category to new portfolio custom post type. I have a feeling that I will need to swim through lot of mess if I have to use this new feature. I don’t think i can delete existing posts as it will result it 404 errors when people reach my site through google search.


  8. Diane Louise Laidlaw

    Title is a bit misleading it adds A custom post type not custom post types, unless I am wrong.


  9. barni

    Now, I may considered using jetpack if it doesn’t prevent my site to load faster..


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