1. UaMV

    I think most notable here is the new tagline and the language change. Curious to see how this is adopted (or not) throughout the WP community.


  2. mac2net

    I made a post (unanswered so far) on the plugin’s support page asking what oembed Twitter means since it was already built into WordPress.


  3. tomharrigan

    Hey Sarah, to enable the Testimonial post type, the theme needs to declare support for it.

    Adding the following to the functions.php file will enable the Testimonials post type:

    add_theme_support( ‘jetpack-testimonial’ );


  4. Jerome

    Thanks for this but I activated Site Icon and I’m a bit confused with related settings. When clicking on the module I get this highly explicit text: “Site Icon lets you create an icon for your site which is displayed as a favicon.” Great, but would someone just let me know WHERE and HOW this can be done? I simply didn’t find any related settings.


  5. Illya King

    I am glad they did this update. It now works with my multisite. Thanks Jetpack!


  6. Rhys

    Regarding the removal of dead weight, does that mean that Publicise via Google+ has been removed?


  7. Eric

    I set my site icon some days ago and for a while it was working right, but now it shows a gmail site icon on the homepage and the correct one on my dashboard. So I tried removing it entirely so I could reset it, but that’s also not working properly. According to my settings, there is no current site icon, but still my dashboard shows the right one and the homepage shows the gmail icon. Someone please help me, I’ve searched everywhere else with no results. It seems I am the only one having this issue.


  8. kapanther

    I fixed it!

    Just curious.. does jetpack add a line of code to your theme if it detects that it may not have support for favicon?

    I am using a child “twentyfourteen” theme, so the support is definitely there. In the parent theme though, not the child of course But i found this little snippit of code in my child functions.php file that imported a favicon? It looks like jetpack may not be able to detect the support in the parent theme…

    Once I deleted the code it all worked, but curious nonetheless.


    • Jeremy

      No, Jetpack doesn’t detect if you already use a favicon, either added by your theme or by a plugin. You’ll consequently need to check before you upload a Site Icon.


  9. Carolyn @ AdMEYERing Life

    I’m getting the following error when trying to add a Site Icon through Jetpack: Warning: unlink() [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in D:\Hosting\9778349\html\wp-content\plugins\jetpack\modules\site-icon\jetpack-site-icon.php on line 581

    Can you help?


  10. Scoosh

    Where is the logo feature in Jetpack?


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