Jetpack 3.9.3 Maintenance Release Adds Compatibility for WordPress 4.5 Custom Logos


Jetpack 3.9.3 and 3.9.4 are now available. Although 3.9.3 is billed as a “maintenance and compatibility release,” there are a number of significant changes and improvements that make this an important release.

WordPress 4.5 will introduce native support for a theme logo. This will render Jetpack’s site logo feature obsolete. The 3.9.3 release of the plugin adds compatibility with WordPress 4.5 by ensuring that sites use core’s implementation for custom logos instead.

According to Konstantin Obenland in a recent post on make/core, “Jetpack will do a migration behind the scenes to work with it out of the box.” He also said that WordPress core’s new custom logo feature will use Selective Refresh, which means that the preview will load instantly after the image has been uploaded.

Notable enhancements in this release include:

  • When using Carousel and Photon together, Jetpack will now link to the Photon version of full-sized images
  • Performance improvements to Comments, Infinite Scroll, Markdown, Publicize, Sitemaps, and the Subscription widget
  • Infinite Scroll: Introduced a later filter for settings
  • New filters in the Top Posts Widget code
  • oEmbed for

The release also fixes an annoying bug in the Comments module that would reload the page when clicking ‘Reply.’

Jetpack 3.9.4 was released right on the heels of 3.9.3 to fix an issue where some comments were being displayed incorrectly. The problem was significant enough to push out an additional release right away.

Updating to the latest version of Jetpack will help your site work seamlessly with WordPress 4.5 when it is released the week of April 12. Check out the full changelog for both releases to see all of the enhancements and bug fixes.


2 responses to “Jetpack 3.9.3 Maintenance Release Adds Compatibility for WordPress 4.5 Custom Logos”

  1. I like the new filters for Top Posts Widget.

    The problem has been, and still is, that this widget by default returns home and archives pages in addition to the selected post types. So I have filtered the output through the old filter “jetpack_widget_get_top_posts” to return only single posts/pages and CPTs. But then, if the user wanted 3 post, the filtered posts array would not contain that many.

    Instead of telling the user to set 10 posts in the widget to get at least 3 results, I can now save and filter the desired count value of the instance, forcing it to 10, using “jetpack_top_posts_widget_count”, and later slice the returned posts array back to the users desired number of posts for the widget.

    And finally, 3.9.3 adds “jetpack_top_posts_days” so I can alter the 2 days default.


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