1. Luka Petrovic

    is down?


  2. Chris Howard

    In the friendly WP community, it seemed weird you calling him “Tadlock”. Seems terribly formal. If he was someone from outside the community, I’d understand.


    • Jeffr0

      What do you mean calling him Tadlock?


      • Chris Howard

        Everywhere! On first mention, she says “Justin Tadlock”. Thereafter, it’s “Tadlock said” etc. I know newspapers do that, but don’t think it’s necessary when the community is talking about one of its own. “Justin said” seems better to me.


        • alex

          It’s a sort of normal news writer way of referring to people once you have initially mentioned their full name. The news writing style tends to try to shy away from overly friendly references, remember that most of the readers would not be on a first name basis with Tadlock. :)


        • Emil Uzelac

          If you quote the same person more than once in the same press release, you can just refer to them by their last name on second reference. If the second quote comes right after the first one, you can also say “he said” or “she said.”

          Do not refer to people by just their first names, and skip honorifics such as Dr., Mr., and Prof. The only person impressed by your PhD is your mother.

          And the list goes on . . .


  3. Bhuwan Roka

    The plugin seems very useful and interesting for designer.
    Great job Team :)


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