How to Create a Portfolio in WordPress Using Dribbble Shots

Dribbble was founded as a community for designers in 2009 and has since grown to become a profitable company and a popular source for inspiration on the web. The site provides a social outlet for designers, allowing members to share samples of their work and get feedback from other professionals and enthusiasts.

While you may have a large collection of shots on Dribbble, it’s no replacement for hosting a portfolio on your own domain. WordPress users who want to create a portfolio using their Dribbble shots are in luck. There are three free plugins on that make it easy to display your shots as a portfolio on your site.

Dribbble Portfolio Shots


Dribbble Portfolio Shots is simple plugin that lets you share your shots via a shortcode. The output is responsive and arranges shots in a 2-column, 4-column, or 6-column grid.

Shots can be displayed on any post or page using a shortcode, which can be customized for the number of columns you want to include:

[dribbble_shots id="YOUR_DRIBBBLE_NAME" column=2]

The displayed shots link directly to their sources on Dribbble. Check out a live demo to see the Dribbble Portfolio shots plugin in action.

Dribbble Portfolio


The Dribbble Portfolio plugin also uses a shortcode to display shots, but it has a few more advanced options. The shortcode will display up to 15 shots and includes parameters that allow you to customize the border color, background color, and shots count.

[deribble_shots userid="usename" bgcolor="#fff" border_color="#e8e8e8" count="12" ]

Clicking on shots will display them in a popup, instead of linking to Dribbble. Each shot displays the title and counts for views, comments, and likes.


View a live demo of Dribbble Portfolio to preview the plugin’s output. You’ll find that it’s responsive and displays the user’s Dribbble avatar at the top.

Highlight Reel


The Highlight Reel displays your recent Dribbble shots using a shortcode or template tag. After activating the plugin, you’ll be prompted to enter your username on the settings page. Unlike the Dribbble Portfolio plugin, there are no limitations on the number of shots that can be displayed.


With the help of a plugin, you can continue to use Dribbble to share your creations and have them automatically update on your WordPress site. All of these plugins enable heavy Dribbble users to keep their portfolios updated without any additional effort. You can continue to promote yourself and get discovered on Dribbble while maintaining a portfolio on your own domain with WordPress.

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