1. Danny Brown

    I haz a lifestyle blog? :)

    Great podcast, and I had to go check out that plugin from 2005 – wow!

    The updates to 2.0 sound amazing, and loved the “whaaa?” soundbite from Marcus – definitely a ring tone addition. :)

    I’ve said it before, but the Postmatic guys really do deserve a whole ton of success, and it’s great to see them getting the exposure they currently are.

    Here’s to many more WP users jumping on board. Lifestyle bloggers and all! ;)


  2. Danny Brown

    One thing I will add. In the podcast, Jason mentioned that I’d initially lost around 12-15% of Web traffic, since subscribers (and commenters) no longer needed to jump over to the site to comment.

    Less traffic, less chance of social sharing. Seeing that, Dylan and Jason have integrated support for several social sharing plugins within the Postmatic email (including the “tweet this” option with Social Warfare). That, along with the increased engagement leading to more in depth comments, has definitely seen my traffic get back to where it was, and often surpass based on certain posts.

    This is why I’m such a fan. When they say they want Postmatic to play nice with as many plugins as possible, they mean it. And if it doesn’t, they try and find a way to make it happen – and they usually do.


    • Jason Lemieux

      Hey Danny,

      Yea, sorry about the lifestyle blog slippup. My brain couldn’t quite find the words (it was late!) to express what it is you do. Something about living life, reflecting, and writing beautifully about it.

      Thanks for investing so much thought and energy into what what we do. The product would be a shred of itself without your energy and ideas.

      It’ll be continue to be interesting to see what happens with your traffic now that it has returned to pre-postmatic levels. Will it continue to follow the curve it always has…. or will it accelerate? I’m betting on the later. Let’s check in when the snow melts and see where it’s at.


  3. Dan Knauss

    Postmatic has a social login plugin coming? \,,/(^_^)\,,/

    Holy crap, finally you can post and edit comments while listening to WP Weekly.


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