1. John Teague

    Given the team’s experience with GitHub as well as Trac, we can bring the best of both worlds by helping integrate the two.

    Amen to that. ?


  2. James DiGioia (@JamesDiGioia)

    One can only hope the GitHub/Trac pairing for the API gets used across core. Trac is probably the single biggest barrier to people getting involved in the project.


  3. Dudeski

    Can anyone explain to me the real significance of the Rest API and why it’s such a big deal? Maybe some real world examples?


    • John Teague

      I would encourage you to have a look at http://wp-api.org/ which describes what WP REST API is and why it adds a significant improvement in the platform. But on the most basic level it allows a developer to interact with WordPress via a set of RESTful API.

      That means I can create an application outside of WordPress (one created in JavaScript for example) and using RESTful approach interact with a WordPress installation using the API calls to get, update, etc. just the data I need instead of having to load WordPress in a WordPress template.
      This greatly extends what can be done with WP and it provides a lot of options for developers and designers.


    • Kristian

      To expand on what John Teague says:
      You could use WP as the data storage for native apps. Since the data will be more easily retrievable you can then fetch it for anything. You could probably use it to store data in games even (granted, there are probably much better solutions for that use case).

      A more WP applicable use case is the infinite scrolling wall. yes, you can already do that, but with a RESTfull approach you can load your page and then only load new posts when you need to. Or you can load pages without a full page reload, letting you animate the page load inside your site. Essentially everything you want to load, but isn’t shown directly without the user’s interaction can more easily be defered to the point where the user actually wants to see the content.

      The reason the WP REST API is such a big deal is that it marks a change from full page reloads being the standard, to a much more flexible data driven design.


  4. Isuru

    How happy are you to see this merge proposal?

    VERY! I’m an iOS developer who’s also a WordPress enthusiast. I’ve seen a lot of jobs where the client has a website built on top of WordPress and they want to build mobile apps using their site’s data. This is going to be big for both mobile and WordPress worlds. So excited for this!


  5. zeokat

    I hope that they include API soon as possible, developers are waiting some years for it.


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