WP REST API Content Endpoints Officially Approved for Merge into WordPress 4.7


After a lengthy and impassioned meeting in the WordPress #core Slack channel on Monday evening, the WP REST API content endpoints were conditionally approved for merge into 4.7. Since that time Brian Krogsgard published a document with input from the team on how they plan to measure the success of the API.

The conditions included some last minute work from the team on demonstrating how the API can benefit core development. Contributors produced multiple proofs of concept, including leveraging the REST API endpoints for Press this and Quick Draft features.

“I think the team has come together really well over the last couple days to tackle the merge tasks,” WordPress core committer Jeremy Felt said. “It seems that the momentum is on the right track to merge and then continue knocking out issues throughout the rest of the cycle as we start testing it as part of core. I’m also pretty excited about the pieces of the admin that are about to start using it with such a short window. 4.8 and 4.9 have a ton of potential with the API.”

Contributors in attendance at today’s core development meeting agreed that the team had made significant strides to meet the conditions previously identified for merge. After a short few minutes of discussion, WordPress 4.7 release lead Helen Hou-Sandí officially approved the WP REST API content endpoints for merge into core.

Code on the GitHub repository will now be frozen and continued development will be managed via WordPress trac. The WP REST API has had 99 contributors on the project to date. The content endpoints identified in the merge proposal will ship with WordPress 4.7 and contributors will focus on authentication for the 4.8 release cycle.


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