1. Omaar Osmaan

    It was a delightful meeting to attend and watch wonderful arguments/conversations. Glad the REST-API finally getting in WordPress core for a many of us to enjoy and work with the awesomeness in the future.

    A zillion thanks to the team and everyone who worked on to get it this far.


  2. Dennis Barker

    Ive been waiting for this for a year now.Plenty of ideas to work on when I get time.


  3. Ted Stresen-Reuter

    I would really like to participate in this development but I’m not sure where to start. If I’d like to submit a proof of concept, where do I submit it? Also, what are the parameters for the proof (is there anything a proof shouldn’t do or use?). This is a potentially great addition to WP and I’d really like to see it either be part of the core or, at the very least, a plugin that ships with WP by default (possibly better that way).


    Ted Stresen-Reuter


  4. Scott Hartley

    I find the REST API to be both interesting but also empty. It’s needed in core but there isn’t as much adoption as I would have thought. The REST API is being used primarily in “proof of concept plugins” and there are very few that I know of that make full and proper use of the API currently. This might just be because of how only the first half was in core but it is interesting that we don’t see more adoption of it.

    In no way am I saying it should not be included or to be removed it’s just a little odd that there is a lot more buzz to get it in core than for those to actually build off of it no?


    • Pat Hartl

      I think it’s one of those “If you build it they will come” scenarios. The plugin suffered from a change in endpoints/schema. The first half of core suffered from “Oh well not even WordPress is using it”. That being said we have done a lot with the REST API and there’s a movement behind some of the stuff that’s going to end up in core to use it for various parts of WP’s interface. No refreshing to delete posts or save menus… or update posts. Development may seem slow moving, but the hype will come.


    • modemlooper

      not true, the API is being used in large scale sites.


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