1. Omaar Osmaan

    Thanks to the proposed Roadmap- for a while it wasn’t clear where REST API was heading- now things looks bright again!


  2. Eugene Kopich

    so, relax and prepare for the end of the year))


  3. Jeffr0

    What great timing it would be if core endpoints were completed and the full REST API was approved to be merged into WordPress 4.7, the release Matt is going to lead. #notaconspiracytheory


    • Omaar Osmaan

      Interestingly, when Matt announced he’ll lead WordPress 4.7 release- I assumed he wants to ensure few things in that release to compete rightly that includes REST API.

      It was apparent REST API needs another year to become worthy in the core (at least I thought so). #notaconspiracytheory


  4. Dave Navarro, Jr.

    Really hope they get OAUTH working. I need to access REST data externally more than I do internally and Basic Auth is too risky.


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