The Impacts HeroPress Is Having on WordPress Communities in India

Topher DeRosia, who recently attended WordCamp Pune, India, published a post on the HeroPress blog that describes the subtle impacts the project is having on people.

Saurabh Shukla, lead organizer for WordCamp Pune, says the site inspired not only their speaker selection but their presentations as well, “We wanted people to derive at least a level of inspiration from the speakers and decided that stories make more sense than presentations,” Shukla said.

Examples of inspiring presentations at WordCamp Pune include, a workshop where people could experience accessibility issues for themselves, WordPress for activism, and building education products for South Asia.

WordCamp Pune Classrooms
Presentation in a Classroom at WordCamp Pune

According to DeRosia, many Indians feel like their WordPress communities are not getting the respect they deserve. DeRosia believes the amount of excitement expressed by Indians for HeroPress is because their work is noticed and appreciated.

“That is why India is excited about HeroPress. They’re getting respect. Not just from me, but from thousands of readers around the world,” DeRosia said.

Although DeRosia says he’d be content with the impacts the site has had if HeroPress ended today, I would be sad to see it go because it’s a great addition to the WordPress community. Thankfully, DeRosia says people are requesting more essays, exchanges of knowledge, shared wisdom, shared respect, and more of the HeroPress spirit.

If an essay published on HeroPress or the project’s mission has inspired you in any way, please let us know in the comments.



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