Topher DeRosia Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Attend WordCamp Pune, India

Topher DeRosia, founder of HeroPress, is asking for $2,150 to attend WordCamp Pune, India. DeRosia was asked to speak about HeroPress by Saurabh Shukla, who is a HeroPress contributor and also the lead organizer of WordCamp Pune, India.

In an effort to be transparent, DeRosia published how he will spend the money.

  • $1400 for the plane ticket
  • $300 for hotel
  • $200 for food, cabs, Uber, etc
  • $100 for emergencies
  • $150 for GoFundMe’s fees

If DeRosia has money left over from his trip, he plans to sponsor a WordCamp that’s having difficulty finding sponsors or donate it to the WordPress Foundation.

Since launching the campaign a few days ago, he’s raised $1,000. Unlike most other campaigns, donors can choose the amount they want to give. Among the donors listed is Matt Mullenweg, who contributed $250. If you enjoy the time, work, and effort put into HeroPress, consider donating a few dollars.

Within 24 hours since this post was published, DeRosia surpassed his funding goal.

WordCamp Pune Goal Met
WordCamp Pune Goal Met

I asked DeRosia how it feels to meet is funding goal, “I’m super excited about this. Not just the fact that other people paid for a trip but that the HeroPress community feels this kind of thing is valuable enough to put money out for it. That means a lot.”

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  1. Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor! Have a great time Topher!


  2. That’s great! I hope to see Topher sometime in near future here in Pakistan.


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