Postmatic 2 Features Email Digests, Comment Intelligence, and Zapier Integration

The Postmatic team has announced that version two of its plugin is available for download. This release contains a number of new features including digests, comment intelligence, service integration support, new email templates, and more.

Comment Intelligence

Instead of sending emails for every comment, Comment Intelligence analyzes the comment’s content and sends an email if it matches a high level of relevance to the article. This prevents comments such as +1 or Nice Post from generating emails to subscribers. In order to take advantage of this feature, users need to install and activate the Elevated Comments plugin.

Comment Intelligence Setting
Comment Intelligence Setting

Elevated Comments can also display the best comment within the article as a pull quote. Some of the metrics used to analyze comments are:

  • Readability
  • Relevance to the post
  • Number of words
  • Reading level

To learn more on how this particular feature works, visit the Elevated Comments home page.

Email Digests

Digests are a great way to keep subscribers updated, especially on sites that publish multiple times per day. In Postmatic 2, users can configure their layout using five different templates and choose when to send them. Below is an example of what a digest of the Tavern looks like using the modern template.

WP Tavern Digest Email
WP Tavern Digest Email

Integration Support for Zapier

Postmatic 2 supports OptinMonster out-of-the-box and can be integrated with Zapier using webhooks. Zapier is a collection of more than 500 application and service APIs. This enables site owners to trigger events with a service or application based on subscribe and unsubscribe actions.

The Postmatic Journey So Far

Postmatic has come a long way since its launch in 2015. Jason Lemieux, founder of Postmatic, explains the original idea behind the service.

We launched Postmatic a year ago with the idea that if we push content to users and make it as easy as possible for them to engage with it, that they would. People love to talk. They love to share ideas. But we’re all on the go all the time. If the users don’t come to WordPress, we figured we’d get WordPress to the users. That happens via the most widely-used open communication standard on the internet: email. Everyone has it, and nobody owns it. And it worked.

The service continues to grow as more than 170K active users are sending and receiving comments through its system. One of the areas Lemieux and his team are focused on is scaling, “Now we are scaling the product to be a fit for sites with upwards of 1,000 comments per post and 30 or so posts per day,” Lemieux said.

“The servers will take care of the traffic. Machine learning is handling processing the comments to decide what is worth sending, what is not, and how to send no more than 3 emails per day per user.” In a guest post published on, Lemieux goes into detail on re-imagining conversations in WordPress.

Users can check out Postmatic 2 and try out its new features by downloading it from the plugin directory. To learn more about the company and the people behind it, listen to episode 207 of WordPress Weekly. Are you using Postmatic on your site? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments.


11 responses to “Postmatic 2 Features Email Digests, Comment Intelligence, and Zapier Integration”

  1. Postmatic is getting more awesome and had taken the “subscribe to comments” thing to another level. Now I’m seriously starting to consider it as a must use plugin. Can we hope for a Slack integration anytime soon?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Nice to see Postmatic getting some more love from WP Tavern, especially with this release. I’ve been using the service since way back in early beta days for PM1, and the ongoing support and dedication to bloggers (and their goals) is second to none. Really hope they get the success they deserve.

    I’d be interested in reading more, though, on your take since implementing PM here on WP Tavern. For example, I saw the screen grab of what digests looks like here, but aren’t you still using JetPack for email delivery of posts? Will you be moving over to PM? I find the JetPack template really clunky, just wondering if you’ve tested/compared?

    Also, how has engagement changed since using PM? Has it? Have you had any feedback from long-time community members?

    As an individual publisher, PM has made a huge difference in the quality of my comments. I already had a great, well-involved community, but the ease of replying/commenting via email has encouraged lurkers to comment more, and very thoughtfully too – wondering if you, as a bigger publisher, have similar experiences, or different?

    Sorry for all the questions, but would love to hear of the WP Tavern experience as opposed to the new features. :)


    • Hey Danny,

      I just published a post on the backstory behind WP Tavern making the switch to Postmatic for both front-end and email commenting. It sheds some light on the problems the Tavern was having with performance, trolls, and engagement… and what we did to fix each.

      I did notice that as of now you can subscribe to a weekly WP Tavern digest which is served up via Postmatic. You can find a subscribe box in the sidebar there.

  3. Postmatic is one of my favorite plugins. Sadly, I don’t have a site that gets alot of comments :( but the technology, support and methods behind Postmatic and Epoch are very cool.

    That Elevated Comments plugin is also a very nice elegant touch. I haven’t seen it in action anywhere yet, but I look forward to seeing it around the web.


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