1. Keith Davis

    Looks good – is the Tavern thinking of giving it a go Sarah?
    I notice that Danny Brown is using it on his site and has written an article extolling its virtues:


  2. Jeffrey

    Hmmm, I don’t know….It’s already hard for me to keep up with my current emails.


    • Danny Brown

      Hi Jeffrey, that’s one of the concerns my readers had (and me, to a degree) when I first got involved with the beta early on.

      I do think Postmatic have created a great workaround to this, with their notification throttling on busy conversations. Also, as a commenter, do you already subscribe to notifications on posts you’ve left comments on? If so, this is no different – with (for me) the added bonus that I can reply at my own pace, regardless of where I am (on the phone on a train to that backwaters of Canada, for example).

      Just my tuppence worth from my own experiences with that concern (and the feedback from my readers/commenters once the throttling solution came into play). :)


  3. Jason Lemieux

    Sarah – Thank you so much for the incredible article. I’ll stick around to answer any questions folks might have.

    If you want to give commenting a quick try you can do so over here: https://gopostmatic.com/2015/04/try-the-magic-right-now/



  4. James Giroux

    I’ve been using postmatic on my site and it’s great. Jason and the team are incredibly responsive and handled my support questions quickly. What you can do with it in terms of branding the whole user experience of your commenting is really cool. I’m sure there are more great features coming too.

    When I started to jump into it more I realized how little time I was actually giving to the comment experience on my site. This actually forced me to take a step back from default WordPress and think about how the conversation with readers happens on my site. It’s been a good process.


    • Danny Brown

      “When I started to jump into it more I realized how little time I was actually giving to the comment experience on my site.”

      Couldn’t agree more, mate. I found the same – even though I like to think I’ve tried to look after my commenters over the years by installing systems I thought they’d like, the way people interact with email is very different. And that’s led to my content being shaped better too – can’t argue with that!


  5. Danny Brown

    Great overview/interview, Sarah, and great to see Postmatic getting the attention the team behind it deserves.

    I installed one of the early builds back in February, and I’ve completely fallen in love with it (as Keith Davis kindly points out above!) ;-)

    It takes a little change in thinking to leaving a comment and replying to that comment directly from email – but once you do think differently, it makes so much sense. And they really do offer top-notch support, and are open to ideas to make the experience even better.

    As a blogger, that’s all I ask for. Looking forward to seeing what’s next in the roadmap.


  6. Tom McFarlin

    I’m a big fan of the plugin — I’ve been using it since November of last year and it’s been great for keeping up with comments on my blog.

    Granted, we all have our different workflows, but I tend to run everything out of my inbox and having the comments directly there with the ability to respond (without having to, say, hop into a browser) makes it *that* much easier to keep the discussion going.


  7. Bob Dunn

    Great writeup. And yes, I just recently was introduced to it and was very impressed. In fact, will be adding it to my own site soon to give it a test. What I’m looking forward to is being able to share this with beginners and users as an option for their own comments. And from my initial experience with it, well, I think this will be perfect for a lot of them. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.


  8. Ryan Hellyer

    I’ve been using this service for a while. It works well. It’s not perfect IMO, but I don’t know of any other services which are as good as it.

    The main thing that I dislike, is that it is obvious that I am using Postmatic to anyone commenting on my site. The emails you receive from it are in a very particular style. I’d like just an extremely crude/simple text email with no advertising or branding in it. KISS (keep it simple stupid).

    I’d also like it to be self-hosted to avoid privacy issues.


    • Jason Lemieux

      Thanks, Ryan. How is the obviousness any different than Jetpack, Subscribe2, or any of the other comment-notification plugins?

      We do sent in multipart and there is a secret text-only version hiding in there. Given the choice would you send that instead of the html versions? We’re considering enabling the option.


  9. Chriss Benitez

    Very instersting how the way we interact change every day a little bit. I found this a great change cause i follow a lot of comments over many sites and this way it´s faster to reply.


  10. Pete D.

    This is a great service. I was lucky enough to be part of the beta and while I wasn’t one of those heavy users, I found it a superb service. The emails it sends look fantastic and the automated posting of comments via email really just works like magic.

    It really is a magnificent service and one I really cannot say enough good things about. Highly recommended!


  11. Rick

    Why would I want people to be able to comment without even coming to my website? Isn’t the idea to get more people to come to your website?


    • Tom McFarlin

      You can still do by hosting sharing an excerpt of the post and driving traffic back to your site.

      Granted, the commenting that goes back and forth will be happening via email, but the unique page views wouldn’t matter anyway because they’d be, you know, non-unique :).


    • Jason Lemieux

      It depends what your goals are. If you are making a living off of ads then you may feel short-term hit in page views. But if you are blogging for the sake of standing out in your field, be an authority on something, or for the sake of having conversations and sharing ideas… well then the more comments the better. And we do that in spades.

      Notice above I said short-term hit in page views: we’ve seen that in our beta testers. Sure you might miss a few returning users if you are giving them the convenience of continuing the conversation wherever they are… but the increases in your community and readership will make up for it over time.


    • Danny Brown

      Hi Rick,

      That’s a great question, and one I’ve discussed with my readers, commenters and subscribers when talking about Postmatic. For me, you don’t need to discourage people coming to your site (as Tom mentions, there’s an excerpt feature that still drives subscribers over to the full post – it’s only comments after this that would be handled by email).

      But I’ve discovered something interesting in the three months I’ve been using PM.

      1. My traffic hasn’t actually been impacted, because the content is still being found via search, social shares, direct referral, etc. Commenting is a small part of driving traffic – it’s more about answering questions about your product or service, and that’s where the new traffic comes from. So it doesn’t really matter where the comment is hosted – it’s the answer(s) given through comments that brings in the traffic that matters.

      2. Because of the options to include widgets with your email template, you can use up to three different CTAs on every single email that goes out. Not just your standard post email; not just your standard newsletter email – but every single one that goes out as a new comment or comment reply. AB testing with this has shown I’ve had commenters visit my site because I’ve targeted the CTA to the content being discussed. Because it’s widget based, you could essentially change the CTA on the fly, to attract extra page views, visitors, eyeballs, etc. And because it;s going out with comments, it’s a far more effective option that hoping one single post email with a CTA widget will be seen, especially if you have 50-60 unique commenters.

      These are just my own personal experiences. The CTA part can take a little work, especially if you want to target based on specific posts (maybe that’s something that Jason and his team can take up for a future update, category-based templates) – but then doesn’t the most effective and profitable marketing take work anyway?

      Hope that offers a little insight into why traffic hit and concerns doesn’t necessarily need to be there. :)


  12. Samuel "Otto" Wood

    Neat. Email is tricky, at best, but widely used, perhaps shockingly to some. ;-)


  13. Usana

    Postmatic is a micro-startup that is mostly self-funded. Approximately 10 months before starting, the team knew that they wanted to be ready to quit their jobs when the time came. THAT WAS 5 MONTHS AGO ISN´T?

    By the way… I think Rick has a good point to discuss!


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