1. Ben Fox

    SIDEKICK Update: http://www.sidekick.pro/blog/learn-through-doing/learning-sink-without-drowning/

    and heads up…it’s not a pile of code ;) Composer works very well as does the new player, it’s just getting everything working well together in a way that the user experience is smooth.


  2. Kyle

    Per your on air question at the end….I’m thankful for WordPress Weekly.


  3. DerpPress

    I was about to put this in a review on iTunes but I figured I’d post it here first, give myself a chance to calm down, do some yoga, count to 10….

    Please, in the name of all that’s holy, get rid of the sound effects. You’re not a “Wacky Z-Morning zoo” and the Wacky Z Morning Zoo people stopped doing zany sound effects in 1998 (except for the really really bad ones). You’re a great website/podcast about WordPress, that’s all you need for a great podcast about WordPress.



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