1. Justin Sainton

    Thanks for the great write-up, Jeff. Really appreciate all the kind words. As anyone who runs an open source project knows, it’s a labor of love as much as anything else. Always nice to see hard work recognized.

    If anyone is curious about the types of sites using WP eCommerce today, we have a great showcase up –> https://wpecommerce.org/showcase/



  2. Jeff Chandler

    I wonder what Dan Milward sees when he takes a step back and looks at the eCommerce landscape as it relates to WordPress. Where does he see it going?


    • Justin Sainton

      Great question. I can’t speak personally for Dan – but I know with regards to our vision as a team, we see the eCommerce landscape growing, maturing and continuing to become more and more innovative. You could ask a similar question, swapping “publishing landscape” for “eCommerce landscape” – and you see how drastically WordPress has revolutionized that space. We believe the same thing can happen in the eCommerce space.

      That said – many, many things about WordPress simply aren’t made for eCommerce. From database schemas to data models to transactional database writes – there is a lot of shoehorning that we have done in the last 10 years :) While I see things like WP eCommerce, Woo, and Easy Digital Downloads continuing to do phenomenally well as stand-alone plugins – I’ll be shocked if the coming years don’t include SaaS businesses, built upon these upon source projects, to mitigate WordPress’s native shortcomings (note: “shortcomings”, in that it’s not intrinsically designed for eCommerce.). Things like the upcoming WP-API make opportunities like that all the more feasible.

      The technical and economical landscape is growing and evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before – and open source software like WordPress and WP eCommerce makes it possible for businesses to be a meaningful part of the global economy. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.


    • Dan Milward

      Hehe you’re daring asking a star gazer like me a question like that ;)

      Our short term plans are to stay focused and to make kick ass software with our friends in the WP community. Some of the long term things that come to mind are:
      – better themes (mobile)
      – better User Interface
      – SAAS

      Oh and faster. Automattic bought socket.io for a reason right. We’re using it in gamefroot.com V2 (that we’re about to release) and it is bloody quick.

      Thanks again Mr Jeff :)


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    Justin Sainton is a co-founder of WP e-Commerce?


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