1. Benny

    Jeff, Benny Brown

    Still trying to find my way around to build my blog. Being up in age it’s kind of tough . What do you suggest. . Meaning is there a site that I can easily learn from.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Well, the subject of the post your commenting on is a great place to learn WordPress aka WP101. There’s also plenty of WordPress tutorials just a Google search away. There’s the WordPress for Dummies series which is great if you learn by reading books. If you don’t want to pay for WP101 just yet, I suggest searching for videos of things you want to learn about on WordCamp.tv http://wordpress.tv/category/wordcamptv/


    • Terry

      Benny, I can vouch for WP101. The lessons are very clear and concise and they offer very personal support. WP also has some much better tutorials now than they did several years ago. I’ve moved on to the point where i’m learning how to write code also. The sites I use for that…and WPtraining, are Lynda.com, Trainsimple.com and Totaltraining.com. I’m 63 years old and having a great time. It’s never too late to learn and have fun.


  2. Lori

    I am a huge fan of Shawn’s videos. I include access to them as part of a monthly maintenance plan. Many of my clients are new to WordPress and the videos are very helpful to them. They are short and easy to understand, and cover just about everything a person just starting to use WordPress would want to know. The best part is that they are updated regularly.

    Over the years, these videos have saved me more hours than I can count due to no longer having to send links, write emails, take phone calls, and give on-site training for basic day to day WordPress usage.

    Thanks Shawn!


    • Shawn Hesketh

      Wow, thank you for sharing this, Lori. Appreciate you being a Licensing Partner for the past 4 years, and I’m stoked to hear that the WP101 videos continue to prove themselves useful to you and your clients!


  3. Shawn Hesketh

    Thanks so much for helping us celebrate our milestone, Jeff, and for your support over the years.

    Incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve the WordPress community and so many beginners over the past seven years, and I hope we’re able to continue for years to come!


  4. Mike

    Congratulations Shawn. Well deserved. Any chance you might share what membership plugin WP101 is moving to and why?


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