1. Cristian

    I’ve been looking forward to using the WP API in our next project but It looks like it’s been left out of this release.


  2. zeokat

    Yeah! i wanted to the WP API also, but seems that we have to wait until next version.


  3. Sudhir Khanger

    Is the left sidebar suppose to move with the page or not? It might be a bug but it doesn’t normally move then I have seen it move when I added a widget and finally it doesn’t seem to move with widget added.


  4. Brian Merritt

    WP API still works! Our first mobile app launched yesterday, and the API did make everything sooooo much easier.


  5. julieanne2014

    Crazy…I just updated to 4.0. :)


  6. cesarfalcao

    I just want to write in front end.

    Maybe it sounds weird, but while I write in my Ghost blog it’s just cool to see the final result (AA fonts, sizes, images, CSS applied, etc) while I’m writing.

    It just feels right.


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