1. Stephen Cronin

    Great show and of particular interest to me. ;)

    First, super mad props to Japh for all he accomplished in his role at Envato. He did a huge amount to improve the reputation of ThemeForest and get things moving in the right direction and set up for the future.

    I’ll be hoping to continue where he left off (albeit in a different role). There are still very complex issues to solve and I’ll be looking to make progress with those. I’m expecting it to be tough work, but I’m joining Envato because I want to help solve these.

    I can’t say much more than that at this point because I haven’t started yet. There’s a lot to get my head around before I can speak sensibly about the issues involved!

    I will say that during the interview process, I saw a strong, genuine desire within Envato to improve the quality of the marketplaces. There also seem to be some very good people in place within Envato. Both good signs for the future.

    Although my role will be different from what Japh’s was, I’ll still be the right person to contact about WordPress / ThemeForest / CodeCanyon issues, so anyone can feel free to hit me up if they like!

    Japh, mate, all the best for the future! I’m sure Envato’s loss is X-Team’s gain and I look forward to seeing how Stream progresses.


    • Japh

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Stephen!

      So many exciting things are happening at the moment. Joining the Stream team has been amazing, and knowing that you’re stepping into this new role at Envato is very encouraging to me for Envato’s future generally and especially as it relates to the WordPress community.

      The future looks bright!


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