WPWeekly Episode 135 – Podcasting With WordPress

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, I was joined by Marcus Couch and Matt Medeiros of Mattreport.com and founder of Slocumstudio.com. I threw out the show notes for this episode and instead, tapped into the collective knowledge of my guests to discuss the world of podcasting with WordPress. The first part of the conversation covers equipment, audio quality, and audience while the second half focuses on WordPress. One thing immediately became clear. We’re all fans of the Blubrry Powerpress plugin. If you’re thinking about starting a show and using WordPress to publish it, you’ll want to listen to this episode!

Stories Discussed:

WordPress Developers Take Note: TinyMCE 4.0 Merged Into Core
Interview With Jason Schuller Founder Of Press75.com
Tickets On Sale For WordCamp Dayton, Ohio
WordPress 3.8.1 Released: Fixes Twitter oEmbed Issues

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Google Drive WP Media allows direct access to your Google Drive, enabling you to manage your files remotely from your WordPress blog. Upload and share your files directly from your WordPress blog to Google Drive and back again.

Skype Mobile Switcher uses a shortcode to switch between presenting a Skype call link and a phone number that can be clicked to call.

Dynamic Home Length adjusts the number of posts per page of the front page based on the total amount of text in all recent posts so that its height will automatically be in proportional with the height of your widget column.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Friday, January 31st 3 P.M. Eastern

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4 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 135 – Podcasting With WordPress”

  1. Oh my God! Someone mentioned NetObjects Fusion! That sure brings me back :) What a strange and wonderful program. It is still s player in Europe, as I understand. Great show. I will be doing my first podcast in a week, so I am very interested. Dave

  2. Interesting to hear that you guys spend so much time in post-production editing. I find that the authenticity of hearing the host “um” and “ah” and the gaps provide a very real experience which makes me feel like I trust the program. If I can pick the editing it makes me wonder what else is being hidden or edited. Andrew Warner at Mixergy is pretty rough around the edges but he is so genuine and the content is so compelling that it doesn’t matter.

    Also, you gotta be producing great content consistently so editing is just a time suck which is not necessary.

    I agree with Marcus.

    Anyhoo – it’s great that you guys are still going after so long – keep up the awesomeness.

    FWIW I don’t edit anything in my video/audio podcast at WP Elevation (even if someone’s little kid comes in and wants to say “hi”).


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