WPWeekly Episode 194 – Celebrating WordPress’ 12th Birthday with Matt Mullenweg

In this birthday celebration episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Automattic CEO, Matt Mullenweg. We covered a lot of ground with Mullenweg discussing the following topics:

  • Update on O2 the successor to the P2 theme
  • Memorable moments of the last 12 years
  • Update on the WordPress history book
  • Status of WordCamp USA
  • The WooThemes/WooCommerce acquisition
  • Hype surrounding the WP REST API
  • The WordPress Mobile App

We talked about a number of other topics as well. I apologize for the audio glitches in this episode as Mullenweg experienced bandwidth issues. We also experienced some technical difficulties with Google Hangouts.

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Next Episode: Wednesday, June 3rd 9:30 P.M. Eastern

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12 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 194 – Celebrating WordPress’ 12th Birthday with Matt Mullenweg”

  1. It would be very helpful to put the minutes each topic starts so we can skip ahead to just listen what matters to each one of us.

  2. Finally had the time to sit down and listen from start to finish and this podcast was really enlightening. Happy Birthday, WordPress!

  3. Great podcast! Didn’t really notice it on the radar until today.

    Sad news about o2. However, all the more reason to double down on bbPress, which would probably make for an even better front-runner for pushing the new REST API.

    I gotta say, I cry a little every time I hear something along the lines of “we really wanted to do SuperCoolX, but couldn’t because of TinyMCE”. WordPress is an engine for typing and displaying words. You’ve done a great job owning the Display part for the past decade. It’s high time you take full ownership of the Typing part as well. If it ever made sense to Roll Your Own, this would be it.

  4. Hey Matt, how come everyone equates “The Wire” with Baltimore? We have some good things going on here, like riots that our Mayor won’t do anything about. :)


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