1. Beau Lebens

    Minor correction: the default theme is called Breathe (with an e), not Breath.

    Also, those release dates are very rough estimates, and it depends largely on how things go with our initial trial group. A fully functional experience on self-hosted WordPress will probably be a little ways down the line, because some things are tied quite closely to WordPress.com right now.


  2. Jeffro

    @Beau Lebens – Corrections made and I also added verbiage that specifies that the release dates are rough estimates. I purposely said “Expected” instead of just outright saying early 2014 to provide wiggle room.


  3. Brad Scott

    I am a wordpress geek. I am working with wordpress for more then 3 years. I always use self hosted wordpress site. I never tried with wordpress.com


  4. Vid Luther

    This sounds pretty exciting, we’ve been switching to P2 ourselves, and have identified places for improvement.

    I’d love to see if we can help in anyway, is the code for it available to start contributing to? Didn’t see it on the Automattic github..


  5. Vanessa Blaylock

    Thanks for this update Jeffro! Beau and his team have such a wonderful project here! If I recall correctly (or possibly I dreamt it) at WCSF’13 he said it would be out in something like “a month,” so I’ve been drooling ever since! :D

    Like most peeps who read WP Tavern, I’m a self-hosted user, but WP.com is a great service, so if the initial use of O2 is there, that’s fine with me. While we’re waiting, I’ve really grown fond of WooThemes’ P2 Child Theme “Houston.” For me it’s the best of the many P2 Child Themes & Theme Forks.

    Thanks Beau, thanks Jeffro, thanks Woo, thanks for all the great Oxygen!


  6. Beau Lebens

    @Vid Luther – the code isn’t publicly available yet; once we’ve been through a bunch more testing and whatnot, it’ll end up on our Github account (and in the plugin repo) most likely.


  7. Jay Collier

    This sounds great!

    However, since I need a project management option in the next couple of weeks, I have two questions.

    Will a set of P2 blogs in multisite be able to be upgraded to O2 when available?

    Is it possible to beta test?

    Excited about this …


  8. Jay Collier

    This is the templating method I’m exploring:


    Interested in other approaches, too.


  9. RK

    I am looking forward to this theme. Looks like it will power people/visitors to the site to post anything/news/article/discussions.

    Does anyone knows if and where can we see O2 theme in action at this time?

    When can we expect to see the first release?

    Thank you.


  10. praesidenzfall

    Damn, I can not wait for the release.


  11. Greg Wallace

    Really looking forward to seeing o2. I showed a client P2 today and they loved it, so would welcome seeing the next evolution.


  12. Martin Beas Nunez (@martinbeasnunez)

    want to see ‘o2’ in action!


  13. Chrisi

    when will o2 finally released?


  14. RK

    Any solid date for release of self hosted O2?
    So looking forward to this for last few months :)


  15. Ray

    Haven’t heard anything, but I did find some nifty additional documentation on their O2 site with some graphics. I like what we’re going to get!



  16. Jimmy

    Here’s an example of the o2 plugin using the Breathe theme: I’m assuming the “Breathe Theme” is necessary the run the plugin. http://theme.wordpress.com/credits/bpdevel.wordpress.com/ I wish there was more info available.


  17. Jared Bennett (@mrjarbenne)

    From what I have read, because o2 will be a plugin, not a theme, it should be compatible with any theme in the same way that BuddyPress or bbPress can be activated and work on most themes. If you check out the http://geto2.com/field-guide/ link shared above, it indicates that “Breathe is an o2-compatible theme based on _s” which one would assume means there will be other “o2-compatible” themes down the line.

    I’ve been holding my breath waiting for o2 for a long time now. I hope it gets released to the wild shortly.


  18. Lost Man

    Nice feature list.

    Any news/update about when O2 will be released?

    Thank you.


  19. Sonja

    Is there a beta (or alpha or RC) we can begin playing with?


  20. Tom

    Will there be a plugin?


  21. Sonja

    @Beau or @Jeff – any word on where this is, or how we can get involved?


    • Jeff Chandler

      No word of the status on O2 that I know of. I think a few people have been provided access to the beta testing program. Maybe next week, I’ll try and find out the status of O2.


  22. Darran Trute

    yes it would be really good to have an update on this – the silence is a bit disconcerting….


  23. MattGeorge

    I’m a photo teacher and I would love to test it with all of my students as a beta. I also put in a request at getO2.com Any idea who I can talk to test this out?


  24. Scott Hack

    Has there been any update for this?


    • Jeffro

      Hey Scott, I’m working with some people to get an official statement on the progress of the project. Stay tuned to the Tavern as I think I’ll have an update published within the next few days.


      • MattGeorge

        Hey, Jeff. That would be great, as I would love to know what is the progress on this plugin. I see it in action at wordpress.com I want to try it myself. I signed up at geto2.com for info once it was available, but no response back to me.


  25. Sonja

    How can we join the Beta?


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