WordPress 3.8.1 Released: Fixes Twitter oEmbed Issues

WordPress 3.8.1 was released today with more than 30 tickets resolved for this milestone. Automatic background updates will be gradually rolled out over the next 24 hours.

One of the most notable fixes was switching Twitter oEmbed to SSL. Twitter changed its API, which broke Twitter oEmbed links across all WordPress installations. If you’ve got a lot of content with embedded tweets, then upgrading to WordPress 3.8.1 should be a high priority for you.

Additionally, WordPress 3.8.1 addresses some issues with taxonomy queries in WP_Query, general fixes for the newly designed admin areas and resolves a strange bug with “dead zones” on submit buttons.

An Impressive Success Rate For Automatic Updates

Skeptics of WordPress 3.7’s automatic updates feature may be interested in looking at the results so far. The success rate for automatic updates with WordPress 3.8 was astonishing, given that it was a major release, with many major changes. Andrew Nacin cites the stats for critical failures:

Success rate is around 99.78 percent of about 15,000 updates. That’s a bit lower than 3.7.1, which was 99.988 percent for about a million updates. This is to be expected; for example, far more files were changed.

When referring to critical failures, Nacin clarifies that these are not disaster scenarios, as the term might seem to indicate. “Remember that a critical failure (what these numbers are calculating) only means ‘we started to copy files and failed to verify we copied all of them’,” he clarified. “It doesn’t mean the site crashed and burned.”

These stats are good news for any WordPress admin who has been hesitant to have automatic background updates turned on for minor releases. If you previously had background updates turned off, now might be a good time to consider re-configuring your settings to include automatic core updates for minor releases.

10 responses to “WordPress 3.8.1 Released: Fixes Twitter oEmbed Issues”

  1. Yes just updated a local site as a try out and no problems.
    I have minor updates allowed on a number of live sites so I’ll check tomorrow how things have gone.

    “Success rate is around 99.78 percent” sounds good to me.

  2. I had an automatic upgrade for one of my sites, and after receiving an email this morning that the site had been updated to 3.8.1, I checked and found my site had completely crashed. White screen for front and back ends. Cannot login. A frustrating bump in a busy day.

    I update quickly whenever a new version comes out, and all previous updates had been completely successfully. So at this point, I am definitely not impressed with automatic updates.

  3. I have been waiting for the Twitter embed fix. I am glad this is changed but my website still does not display the tweet like it used to. (See my site at Texbiker.net). The tweets used to show the tweet’s icon and most instagram images or youtube videos. Now all I get is the “plain Jane” embed box with a Twitter short url and any text in the tweet.

    • Hello, I see embedded tweets are now working on your site, how did you fix it? They’re not working for me despite updating to 3.8.1 … Thanks!

      • I am not sure. On my laptop computer they display correctly but on my desktop they do not. It may have something to do with the browser settings or extensions. I try to have both setup the same but there may be a browser setting I have not found yet. Try a different browser.

  4. Looks as though all my sites have updated successfuly but I’ve not received email notification for all of them.

    Anybody else getting email notification for some sites and not for others?


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