1. mcguinnesspublishingadmin

    “Advanced Automatic Updates” plugin seems a better tool for this. We have been using it since shortly after the 3.7 release with good success.


  2. mcguinnesspublishingadmin

    You are right, though that was unimportant to my WP sites. But I should also suggest that you might write also about the big changes in how wordpress.com his making multiple site management so much easier. I fired ManageWP recently because of it. Since WP auto updates, and wordpress.com does so much more, I am saving $500 a month just in not using ManageWP – as McDonald’s says “I’m Lovin It”!

    The main reason I like AAU better is older plugin, very well maintained and updated. I shy away from fresh release plugins unless I am forced. Plus it simply did what I needed.


  3. Patrick Barnes

    Links to the plug in are broken for me


  4. Topher

    It looks like the plugin isn’t on the repo yet. Should it be?


  5. zu

    The link to the wp updates settings plugin seems to not work. Has this plugin been banned or what happened here?


  6. Ben

    Is this plugin is not yet available (or was it pulled temporarily)? I keep getting a “Whoops! We couldn’t find that plugin” message at the repository.


  7. Keith Davis

    Hi Sarah
    At the moment I’m using the Simple Firewall plugin to control my updates.
    This is a great plugin with a 5 out of 5 rating and the devs are very helpful.

    This is the link:



  8. Jim Walker

    Sarah, learn anything new regarding why it was pulled?


  9. Julien

    Hello I’m the author of this plugin. It was removed by WordPress.org because the policy of WordPress not allowed “updates plugin”. WordPress send me this mail today : “I’m writing this to inform you that the policy on plugins that modify the update process has been changed.”.The plugin is back !


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