1. Matt O'Gara

    Yaaaay! Automatic updates – very nice indeed!


  2. John

    Not so good, WordPress 3.7 failed during update.
    Question is What do i do now?


  3. Ajay

    There isn’t an online interface to select automatic updates, is there?


  4. jane

    very nice news! thanks..


  5. Nehemiah

    This is a Nice update… This will keep off the stress of updating wordpress, although some plugins does that. But with this, I will be rest assured that my security is up to date.


  6. partofstyle

    I have complicated plug-ins which responsible for cache , it is paid plug-in
    every update he required to re-place index.php

    So if you update my blog automatically my server load will increase x10 times and could go even down. And 1 more thing that to press 1 button to update is not complicated.

    I prefer to skip this update and if same politics will continue integrate, to do something without me , it could be hard to find what cause the issue. I will stay on 3.6 without future updates until in 4.0 it will be fixed or migrate to Joomla or Drupal . lets see what we will be in future


  7. Steve Moss

    I updated and the search function did not work. At this time I am using Relevanssi (I need to search my tags 1st). Actually the search function failed completely! Restored back to 3.6.1.

    It seems the automatic update may also cause site failure, and if I have not backed up just before the auto update; I may loose much data after a restore to a previous save. Can someone help me with this?


  8. Sarah Gooding

    @John – Restore your backup? I would encourage you to post the specific error you’re getting on the wordpress.org support forums.


  9. Sarah Gooding

    @Steve Moss – It may be an issue with your plugin. The best place to post about this particular issue is on the wordpress.org support forums. There are a lot of people who are also using that plugin who may be able to offer some insight. The new automatic background updates are for security updates/minor releases. You don’t have to turn them on for major updates if you don’t want to.


  10. Norcross

    @partofstyle – you can turn off the auto updates in your config file. but more importantly, if a “custom” plugin is modifying core files, than there’s something wrong with the plugin.


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  13. Alvaro Degives-Mas

    So what about Automatic Updater which can also take care of plugins and themes, on top of the WP core? I haven’t experienced a clash (yet) but I like that plugin’s ability to also do themes and plugins. If only because it practically forces the use of canonical-compliant solutions, and discourages dangerously hacked improvisation – the kind Count Basie would frown upon. I’m takin’ the A-train to fully automated self-updating sites…


  14. Joseph McLean

    Shame it hasn’t melded well with the SEO plugin by Yoast. The forums are going off on one.


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  16. Cam

    @partofstyle – just drop a bit of code in your wp-config.php file and you should be right. I do agree with Norcross however in regards to plugins changing core files – not good at all.

    @Steve Moss – I believe Relevanssi has now issued a bug fix update for this.

    @Joseph McLean – I’ve noticed some issues with the Yoast SEO plugin but I expect this will be fixed soon as well.


  17. Peter

    Brilliant, wreaked havoc with my Themify based wp site, seriously not impressed. So where do I go from here? Neither automatic update or ftp worked.


  18. Dave

    I upgraded to WordPress 3.7 and less than 12 hours later my site was hacked. Funny that. I was running 3.6 for the longest time with no issues. :-P



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  22. Jason Rundell

    Worst feature for WordPress to have. Automatic updates can quickly put you in a bad place if a plugin conflict arises. Best practice is to turn this off and test updates before putting them live.


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  24. Jon

    Ouch! My blog was at version 3.8.1, and I was meaning to get around to upgrading to 3.8.3. I got an email saying WordPress was automatically upgraded to 3.7.3, which is really a downgrade. A byproduct of this downgrade is a mismatch between the wb_db_version in the WordPress php files and the db_version in the MySQL database. This mismatch caused some problems with the admin pages until I figured it out.


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