1. Keith Davis

    Looks good Sarah and more importantly it looks like a timesaver.

    Be nice to have a collection that can be modified and installed on new sites.


  2. timersys

    Seems to be exactly the same as http://wpfavs.com does with a nicer website design


  3. Jeff Chandler

    This is a neat concept! As you mentioned WPRoller and others have the ability to gather a collection of favorite plugins and install them in one activity but I think WPCore is the first to have these collections be shareable. On top of that, you can install collections from other users. That is cool! Something I hope we’ll see on the actual WordPress plugin directory someday, since it already has the ability to mark plugins as favorites.

    As for the name, I can see how it would be confusing. Just looking at the name without any other information lead me to believe it was directly related to the core WordPress project. I hope he’ll consider renaming the service to alleviate any confusion over his service and the WordPress project itself.


  4. Adam W. Warner - Co-founder FooPlugins

    Looks really amazing. Just created a public collection here: http://wpcore.com/collections/TBaqLeq8HqbfzaKZTueA


  5. Michael Beil

    This is a great addition to the plugin family, even if there are similar plugins.

    I agree with Jeff, the name is slightly confusing.


  6. Justin Tadlock

    This seems to be really cool. The name is really confusing. I immediately read this post because I thought WP core (the actual WordPress project) had added a new feature that I’d missed.


  7. stueynet

    Thanks for the article! I feel so special. In terms of the name I did not realize wpcore was a thing. Have had the name for years. The idea was I was building my own core for starting new projects. Plugins is just phase one. That being said I can update the plugin title so it is a bit more descriptive of the current product.

    Also hadn’t seen wpfavs but that one looks nice too!!


  8. Debasis Pradhanebasis

    Thanks Sarah! Its really a Wonderful Article :)


  9. Musgrove

    I’m excited to try this. I always have to load a bag of plugins to sites and it’s really inefficient how I do it, and I know it. This could be the answer to my prayers- thanks for the share!


  10. Giorgos Sarigiannidis

    I believe WordPress could take advantage of the “favorite” feature to add a similar functionality in the core. At the moment you can already favorite plugins at the wordpress.org repository and view them via your site’s admin (which is a handy feature that I use all the time).

    The only problem with that is that you need to install all the desired plugins one by one, while it would be much better to simply add a checkbox next to each plugin and a button “bulk install selected”.


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