1. David Decker

    All those options presented above are good but not great. All have missing stuff here and there. There are even more plugins on WordPress.org that allow bulk installation of plugins but in the day to day usage none of them is really convincing. On Multisite most of them work not properly.

    The installation of the “favorite” plugins is ok, but this concept is only half-baked yet in my opinion. The “favoriting” of plugins on WordPress.org is very limited as you cannot create croups or whatever. Also the listing in the profiles is a total mess. To make use of this functionality in a good way you would end up with way to many profile accounts only to have some organizing/ grouping.

    It’s a pity: as many things on WordPress.org that look or sound like a good idea, if you scratch on the surface, it’s mostly half-baked or only limited for real-life usage (review system, plugin support forums, plugin favorites, user profile pages, “responsive” attempts of .org itself…).


    • Sarah Gooding

      I can certainly understand where you’re coming from here. It really depends on a person’s needs. If you only have 4 plugins that you always install on sites (and they’re all hosted on wordpress.org) then it’s fairly handy to favorite them and bring them in via the “add new” plugins page. I think if you need something far more involved than the options listed here, you might consider writing your own script to handle it. I suspect many people are do this.


    • timersys

      I agree with you David, if you check http://wordpress.org/plugins/wpfavs/ you will get all the missing features you talk about.


      • Marcelo Pedra

        @timersys: I tried your WP FAVS since the mentioned plugins in the article was almost, well, useless, and found this one is really great. Simply awesome and flawless. Sarah should write about it. How can the author keep it free, I don’t know, but it works. Google me and contact me if you would be up for an interview. I’m argentinean and looking for WP plugin authors from Latam to spread the word when they are worth it ;) Dale che!


  2. macitaly

    A WP installation isn’t only to install plugins but need care about configuration, secureness and many other things, that if you have one blog, isn’t a problem but if you are a web agency and recursively need to install/configure/finetune WP, this is not the right way.
    The fastest way, IMO, is to maintain a base installation, configured, updated with free and premium plugins (those that are used in all installation) all finetuned and simply clone that one when create a new site.
    There are many backup/cloning plugins, both free or premium, out there and all of them allows to clone a full functional site that need only to customize for the new site, adding specific plugins and may be theme.
    My 2 eurocents


    P.S. Sarah, you are always the best


  3. Sebastian “Angelo” Cork

    Nice article, Sarah. I’ve always found the ‘blueprints’ functionality of DesktopServer useful. One more option, would be to use WPRoller to keep those blueprint installation packages updated.

    @wycks: Thank you for sharing WordPress-Gear. That’s an invaluable resource.


  4. Bob Schecter

    I’ve been using the plugin Duplicator for my templates. I have a few sites set up with no data, the 2014 Theme, and the plugin configuration that I generally use (free and premium), depending on whether the site will be business, blog, or ecommerce. I can then migrate the site to a fresh install quite easily. Not perfect, but more efficient than finding and downloading the dozen or so plugins individually.


  5. Grant Palin

    Another option for ManageWP users is the plugin installer feature. It’s possible to upload a plugin file or specify one from the repo, and choose which registered sites to install on. Real useful for adding a new plugin to multiple sites at once.


  6. Rifai

    how about infinitewp .. they are providing bulk plugin actions for free..


  7. akismet-71b1e98ba68a1ee3931544ecb7eee7cf

    I’ve been looking into a solution and I was curious if the wp-client command line would install multiple plug-ins on different sites


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